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Honors Physics

Extra Credit!     Attend the next SLAC lecture or view it online!  Tuesday, November 19th, 3:30 PM:   Bend a Stream of Dark Matter

Another great opportunity:  Stanford Linear Accelerator has reopened public tours: Visit SLAC

Contests!  Could be fun, could be profitable!        Ecology Video Contest           Samsung Solve Contest

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Solar Eclipse 5-20-12
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Wondrous Weirdness

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CAST Test Review
                                          Sound Barrier Cone
Sound Barrier Cone
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Need a graphing calculator?  Try GCALC  for free!  Not only can you graph, but you can cut and paste your graphs into word-processing documents.  Click to find out how.\

How about a tutorial on using Excel?  Clemson University offers an excellent one: Linear Regression on Excel