William the Orange Cat

So fluffy that he's actually "flewffy"... Dreams of chasing Gazelles in the Serengeti



Born:  Broken "O" Ranch Located at the South Fork of the Sun River, in Simms, Montana, to the east of Augusta, on the Rocky Mountain front.

Birthdate:  March 2004

Accomlishments:   Consumate groomer and style fashionista.  Not a bad photo in the lot.  Learning how to be "wild" with Lily the Black Cat.  .

Relatives:    Mother Cheyenne.  Kitty sisters have not been found.  Father is roaming Tom on the ranch.

Hobbies:  Sunning,  Falling asleep on himself. Supervising showers.  Playing Kitty smackdown with Lily the Black




Fur:  "Fluffy bunny."  Prone to dreadlocks without love brushing (which can be slightly more addictive than ginger candy)

Ear Hair:  Tufts of Fury!

Claws:   Definitely sharp.  Known to cut types of machining equipment.  Quickchop! 

Cat eyes:    Matches his favorite burnt-orange corduroy chair. 

Artistic Talents:  Choreographer of the "Stretch...Stretch... Aaaaauuugggghhh." 

The "Look":  Teaches Lily a thing or two about being that cat that looks at you when you're walking along the breezeway, but then when you look at him, he looks like someone handed down a short prison sentence - but then you know that "he's only a cattie..."



Dessert Topping: Boil with brown sugar and butter to soft-ball stage for an excellent ice cream topping.  Butter pecan recommended.

Will-andaise Sauce:  Delicious over steamed asparagus

Beef Willington:  Roast one whole rack of Will. Add onions, carrots til tender.  Finish with popover batter baked until golden brown and tender. 

Microwave:    Too sweet for the microwave! 

Slow Cooker:  8 hours in crock-pot with desired liquid and seasoning.  Leave overnight.  Bay leaf and catnip for flavor.

When taking a break from the exhausting chase of birds and buglife just beyond the window, Will (Left) likes to think about how life would be in the open stretches in Tanzania.  Of course, William's older brother (Right) ponders how life would be in the big city.  

Kissy-kissy!!   Share the kitty love.  As you can see, orange and black are really a good match.  Notice the closed eyes and kitty sandpaper tongue doing the "Lick".   Plenty of cuddletime between wrestling bouts. 

Baby Will!

Here's a rare "behind the scenes" true Hollywood stories photo.  Will and his sisters.  His mother, Cheyenne (left), is quite a saucy feline and is known for her bad attitude and very sexy catsuit.