Lily the Black Cat

She's fluffy and cute.  A ranch cat who is living the condo life in Seattle...



Born:  Broken "O" Ranch Located at the South Fork of the Sun River, in Simms, Montana, to the east of Augusta, on the Rocky Mountain front.

Birthdate:  July 2004

Accomlishments:   Loving mother of two litters.  Fended off wolf attacks when raising kittens alone out of the ranch.   Successful transition from ranch kittie to city condo lovely.

Relatives:    Brother Lyle, still lives on the Ranch, and fell in love with a horsie.

Hobbies:  Sunning, Playing with Sharpies,  Begging for Salmon, Purring. 




Purr:  Like a champ. Sounds like an older lawn mower. 

Ears:  Triangle ears.  Her ancestors probably helped the Egyptians build the Pyramids.

Claws:   Of death.  They make a tasty treat (see below), but can also cut through titanium and other strong ores. 

Cat eyes:    Cute sliver, just like those cat clocks.

Sleek body:  Can jump more than 3 times her length and is known to follow the minute movements of small birds.  

Tuft:  Little white patch.  Kitty bling bling all the way.




As a sauce:  Excellent compliment to roasted meats and root vegetables.  

As a garnish:  Very attractive garnish for gellato or sorbet.  Creamy with reduction in lily sauce finishes a large-course well.

Meatloaf-Oven Dish:  Place Lily in olive oil preparation bath.  Sweet onions, baby carrots, special spices.

French:   Outstanding addition to free-range chicken cassoulet.

Microwave:    Time cook: 15mins.  Power Level: 8.  

Fried Lily Paws:  Crunchy, low-carb, high-protein treat.  Dip in ranch dressing.