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                                          Post Ignorance, 
                                     by Kevin Dwayne Blanch
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                                                                 Post Ignorance



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the Kevin D. Blanch wealth weighted index

I have worked on this said Index for 16 years now; I have used my index in Wealth management for 14 years.

·         Oil

·         Gold

·         Real-Estate

·         Currencies

·         Medium income

I have built a matrix in regard to this said index. I Weight my index against any said countries major equity or bond Indexes. In regard to this study and book of mine,

This said Index of mine can be used in relation to any portfolio of any kind, individual equities, baskets, real-estate commodities, bonds, currencies, and any variation of the said investment instrument. I first used my said Matrix in 1997.  This is my first official publication of this said matrix.

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