2011 Poster Fair


The 2011 Global Medical Education Poster Fair
Featuring students from the Class of 2014

Date:  August 26, 2011
Location:  The University of Massachusetts Medical School

This event showcased the learning and service projects that members of the Class of 2014 participated in during the summer between their 1st and 2nd year of medical school.

Click on the links below in order to see the presentations by members of the Class of 2014:

China (Qingdao):  Jenn Fantasia
India (Pune):  Whitney Hendrickson and Jess Masiero
India (Tivandrum):  Vivek Venugopal

Ethiopia:  Hirut Fassil
Ghana:  Raymond Lee
Liberia:  Gowri Aragam
Malawi:  Julie Tabroff
Malawi:  Reza Hoseini-Ghomi
Sierra Leone:  Hemang Acharya and Eric Gruber
South Africa:  Claire Welteroth
Uganda:  Jefferson Barrett and Daniel Choi
Uganda:  Sarah Tracy

Central America:
Guatemala (Xela):  Amanda Bernier and Malessa Dias
Nicaragua: Alliam Ortiz, Sebastian Ramos, Emily Chen

Albania:  Debora Afezolli
Spain:  Kathleen Goble

North America:
Mexico:  Barak Sered

South America:
Brazil: Sumathi Narayana
Chile:  Pearl Houghteling
Ecuador:  Sara-Grace Reynolds