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58 DM Hyun, CY Park, JS Cho, H Yu Learning to Utilize Auxiliary Reviews for Recommendation Information Sciences (SCI) (IF: 5.910) 2021 
57 Y Chong, N Thakur, JY Lee, G Hwang, M Choi, Y Kim, H Yu, MY Cho Diagnosis prediction of tumours of unknown origin using ImmunoGenius, a machine learning-based expert system for immunohistochemistry profile interpretation DIAGNOSTIC PATHOLOGY (SCI) (IF:2.335) 2021 
56 D Lee, H Yu, X Jiang, D Rogith, M Gudala, M Tejani, Q Zhang, L Xiong Generating Sequential Electronic Health Records using Dual Adversarial Autoencoder Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA) (SCI) (IF: 4.292) 2020 
55 D Lee, X Jiang, H Yu Harmonized Representation Learning on Dynamic EHR Graphs Journal of Biomedical Informatics (SCI) (IF: 2.95) 2020 
54 CY Park, J Han, H Yu Deep Multiplex Graph Infomax: Attentive Multiplex Network Embedding using Global Information Knowledge-Based Systems (SCI) (IF:5.101) 2020 
53 H Ju, D Lee, JY Hwang, J Namkung, H Yu PUMAD: PU Metric Learning for Anomaly Detection Information Sciences (SCI) (IF:5.524) 2020 
52 CY Park, DH Kim, M Yang, J Lee, H Yu Click-aware Purchase Prediction with Push at the Top Information Sciences (SCI) (IF:5.524) 2020 
51 S Jang, Y Jang, Y Kim, H Yu Input Initialization for Inversion of Neural Networks Using k-Nearest Neighbor Approach Information Sciences (SCI) (IF:5.524) 2020 
50 B Kim, D Lee, J Oh, H Yu  Scalable Disk-Based Topic Modeling for Memory Limited Devices Information Sciences (SCI) (IF:5.524) 2020.04 
49 J Zhang, J Oh, K Shin, EE Papalexakis, C Faloutsos, H Yu Fast and Memory-Efficient Algorithms for High-Order Tucker Decomposition Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) (SCI-E) (IF: 2.397) 2020 
48 D Lee, J Oh, H Yu OCAM: Out-of-core Coordinate Descent Algorithm for Matrix Completion Information Sciences (SCI) (IF: 5.524) 2020.04 
47 S Koo, H Yu, G G Lee Adversarial Approach to Domain Adaptation for Reinforcement Learning on Dialog Systems Pattern Recognition Letters (SCI-E, IF:2.810) 2019.12 
46 CY Park, DH Kim, H Yu An Encoder-Decoder Switch Network for Purchase Prediction  Knowledge-Based Systems (SCI) (IF. 5.101) 2019 
45 DM Hyun, CY Park, MC Yang, I Song, JT Lee, H Yu Target-Aware Convolutional Neural Network for Target-Level Sentiment Analysis Information Sciences (SCI) 2019 
44 JG Choi, YJ Kim, HS Kim, IY Choi, H Yu Phenotyping on the Better-Than-Expected Efficacy of Moderate-Intensity Statin in Korean Patients using Tensor Factorization PLOS ONE (SCI-E) 2018 
43 DH Kim, CY Park, J Oh, H Yu Deep Hybrid Recommender Systems via Exploiting Document Context and Statistics of Items Information Sciences (SCI) 2017.11 
42 S Kim, D Kim, J Oh, JH Hwang, WS Han, W Chen, H Yu Scalable and Parallelizable Influence Maximization with Random Walk Ranking and Rank Merge Pruning Information Sciences (SCI) 2017.11 
41 Y Park, J Oh, H Yu RecTime: Real-Time Recommender System for Online Broadcasting Information Sciences (SCI) 2017.10 
40 D Kim, D Hyeon, J Oh, WS Han, H Yu Influence Maximization Based on Reachability Sketches in Dynamic Graphs Information Sciences (SCI) 2017.07 
39 JG Choi, M Rho, YJ Kim, I Yook, H Yu, DJ Kim, IY Choi Smartphone dependence classification using tensor factorization PLOS ONE (SCI-E) 2017.06 
38 YJ Kim, R El-Kareh, J Sun, H Yu, X Jiang Discriminative and distinct phenotyping by constrained tensor factorization Scientific Reports (SCI, IF 5.578)  2017.04 
37 S Ryu, S Kim, J Choi, H Yu, GG Lee Neural sentence embedding using only in-domain sentences for out-of-domain sentence detection in dialog systems Pattern Recognition Letters (SCI-E) 2017.03 
36 CY Park, DH Kim, J Oh, H Yu Improving top-K recommendation with truster and trustee relationship in user trust network Information Sciences (SCI) 2016.12 
35 D Lee, J Oh, WK Loh, H Yu GeoVideoIndex: Indexing for Georeferenced Videos Information Sciences (SCI) 2016.12 
34 YJ Kim, JE Jeong, H Cho, D Jung, M Kwak, MJ Rho, H Yu, DJ Kim, IY Choi Personality Factors Predicting Smartphone Addiction Predisposition: Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Systems, Impulsivity, and Self-control PLOS ONE (SCI-E, IF 3.057) 2016. 8. 
33 YH Park, YJ Kim, H Yu, IY Choi, SS Byun, C Kwak, BH Chung, HM Lee, CS Kim, JY Lee Is lymphovascular invasion a powerful predictor for biochemical recurrence in pT3 N0 prostate cancer?: Results from the K-CaP database Scientific Reports (SCI, IF 5.578) 2016.05 
32 YJ Kim, YH Park, JY Lee, IY Choi, H Yu Discovery of Prostate Specific Antigen Pattern to Predict Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer of Androgen Deprivation Therapy BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making (SCI-E) 2016.05 
31 S Jeon, S Kim, H Yu Spoiler Detection in TV Program Tweets Information Sciences (SCI) 2016.02 
30 S Kim, L Sael, H Yu A Mutation Profile for Top-k Patient Search Exploiting Gene-Ontology and Orthogonal Non-negative Matrix Factorization Bioinformatics (SCI) 2015.07 
29  WK Loh, H Yu Fast Density-based Clustering through Dataset Partition Using Graphics Processing Units Information Sciences (SCI) 2015.07 
28 S Kim, Sael L, H Yu LMDS-based Approach for Efficient Top-k Local Ligand-Binding Site Search International Journal of Data Mining and Bioinformtics (IJDMB) (SCI-E) 2015.06 
27 M Song, H Yu, WS Han Developing a Hybrid Dictionary-based Bio-Entity Recognition Technique BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making (SCI-E) 2015.05 
26 J. Oh, S. Kim, J. Kim, H Yu When to Recommend: A New Issue on TV Show Recommendation Information Sciences (SCI)  2014.10 
25 WS Han, W Kwak, H Yu, J Lee, M Kim Leveraging Spatial Join for Robust Tuple Extraction from Web Pages Information Sciences (SCI) 2014.03 
24 J Kim, W Lee, H Yu CT-IC: Continuously activated and Time-restricted Independent Cascade Model for Viral Marketing Knowledge-Based Systems (SCI) 2014.03 
23 S Kim, T Qin, TY Liu, H Yu Advertiser-Centric Approach to Understand User Click Behavior in Sponsored Search Information Sciences (SCI) 2014.02 
22 Y Kim, J Kim, H Yu GeoTree: Using Spatial Information for Georeferenced Video Search Knowledge-Based Systems (SCI) 2014.02 
21 Y Kim, I Ko, WS Han, H Yu iKernel: Exact Indexing for Support Vector Machines Information Sciences (SCI) 2014.02 
20 J Kim, WS Han, J Oh, S Kim, H Yu Processing Time-Dependent Shortest Path Queries Without Pre-computed Speed Information on Road Networks Information Sciences (SCI) 2014.01 
19 S Kim, L Sael, H Yu Efficient Protein Structure Search using Indexing Methods BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making (SCIE) 2013.04 
18 J Oh, T Kim, S Park, H Yu, Y Lee Efficient Semantic Network Construction with Application to PubMed Search Knowledge-Based Systems (SCI) 2013.02 
17 H Yu, J Kim, Y Kim, S Hwang, YH Lee An Efficient Method for Learning Nonlinear Ranking SVM Functions Information Sciences (SCI) 2012.05 
16 M Song, H Yu, WS Han Combining Active Learning and Semi-Supervised Learning Techniques to Extract Protein Interaction Sentences BMC Bioinformatics, Springer, 12(Suppl 12):S4. (SCIE) 2011.12 
15 J Lee, MD Pham, J Lee, WS Han, H Cho, H Yu, JH Lee Processing SPARQL queries with regular expressions in RDF databases BMC BIoinformatics, Springer, 12 (SCIE) 2011.03 
14 H Yu Selective Sampling Techniques for Feedback-based Data Retrieval Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Springer, Volume 22, Issue 1 (SCI) 2011.01 
13 NA Vien, H Yu, TC Chung Hessian Matrix Distribution for Bayesian Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning Information Sciences (SCI) 2011.01 
12 H Yu, T Kim, J Oh, I Ko, S Kim, WS Han Enabling Multi-Level Relevance Feedback on PubMed by Integrating Rank Learning into DBMS BMC Bioinformatics, Springer, 11(Suppl 2):S6 2010.04. (SCI) 2010.04 
11 H Yu, Y Kim, S Hwang RV-SVM: An Efficient Method for Learning Ranking SVM Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) (SCI-E) 2009 
10 G Yu, S Hwang, H Yu Supporting Personalized Ranking over Categorical Attributes Information Sciences, Elsevier, 178(18):3510-3524, 2008.09. (SCI) 2008.09 
09 B Cho, H Yu, J Lee, Y Chee, I Kim, S Kim Nonlinear Support Vector Machine Visualization for Risk Factor Analysis using Nomograms and Localized Radial Basis Function Kernels IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, IEEE Computer Society, 12(2):247-256, 2008.03. (SCI) 2008.03 
08 J Vaidya, H Yu, X Jiang Privacy-Preserving SVM Classification Knowledge and Information Systems, Springer, 14(2):161-178, 2008.02. (SCI-E) 2008.02 
07 B Cho, H Yu, K Kim, T Kim, I Kim, S Kim Application of irregular and unbalanced data to predict diabetic nephropathy using visualization and feature selection methods Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Elsevier, 962:1-17, 2008.01. (SCI) 2008.01 
06 H Yu, S Hwang, KCC Chang Enabling Soft Queries for Data Retrieval Information Systems, Elsevier, 32: 560-574, 2007.06. (SCI) 2007.06 
05 Y Xu, EJ Vanbeek, H Yu, G McLennan, J Guo, EA Hoffman Computer-aided Classification of Interstitial Lung Disease via MDCT: 3D Adaptive Multiple Feature Method (3D AMFM) Academic Radiology, 13:969-978, 2006. (SCI) 2006.08 
04 H Yu, J Vaidya, X Jiang Privacy-Preserving SVM Classification on Vertically Partitioned Data Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Springer, 3918:647-656, 2006.03. (SCI-E) 2006.03 
03 H Yu Single-Class Classification with Mapping Convergence Machine Learning, Springer, 61:49-69, 2005. (ML'05) (SCI) 2005.11 
02 H Yu, J Yang, J Han, X Li Making SVMs Scalable to Large Data Sets using Hierarchical Cluster Indexing Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Springer, 11(3): 295-321, 2005. (DAMI'05) (SCI) 2005.11 
01 H Yu, J Han, KCC Chang PEBL: Web Page Classification without Negative Examples IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Special Issue on Mining and Searching the Web, IEEE Computer Society, 16(1): 70-81, 2004.01. (TKDE'04 Special Issue, 11% accepted) (SCI) 2004.01 
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