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Hwanjo Yu (유환조)

Hwanjo Yu
Professor, Vice Director of PIRL
hwanjoyu at postech dot ac dot kr (second email: hwanjoyupostech at gmail dot com)
Tel:  +82-54-279-2388
Fax: +82-54-279-5699
Office: PIRL 335

  • 2017: Best paper award at 2017 Korean Database Conference
  • 2017: Selected as "top 100 technologies and people that will lead Korea at 2025" by NAEK (공학한림원 선정, "2025년 대한민국을 이끌 100대 기술 및 주역 (차세대 기계학습 분야)")
  • 2017: KAKAO Faculty Fellowship (카카오 석좌교수)
  • 2016: NAVER Young Faculty Award (네이버 젊은 석좌교수)
  • 2016: Best research adviser award for POSTECH URP (Undergraduate Research Program) (포스텍 학부생 연구지도 프로그램 우수 지도 교수상)
  • 2016: Ranked 1st at NTCIR-12, QA Lab competition (Graduate advisees)
  • 2015: Ranked top 1.1% (10 out of 850 teams from 49 countries) at ACM RecSys Challenge (Graduate advisees)
  • 2014: Selected as Excellent national project ("Search and mining for mobile devices") (우수 국가과제 선정)
  • 2013: Best poster award at IEEE Int. Conf. Data Engineering (ICDE) (out of 150 full and short papers)
  • 2010: 2nd and 3rd places at the UCSD Data Mining Contest (Graduate advisees)
  • 2003: The 2003 UIUC Data Mining Research Gold Award
  • 2003: IBM Research Student Scholarship Award at ACM KDD (Int. Conf. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)
  • 2003: AAAI Student Scholarship Award at IJCAI (Int. Joint Conf. Artificial Intelligence)
  • 2003: Student Scholarship Award at CIKM (Int. Conf. Information and Knowledge Management)
  • 2002: IBM Research Student Scholarship Award at ACM KDD (Int. Conf. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)
    • Artificial Intelligence (2017S, 2018S)
    • Big Data (2013F, 2015F, 2016F, 2017F)
    • Data Mining: (2008S, 2009S, 2010S, 2011F, 2015F)
    • Data Analysis using Tools (2016S)
    • Database Systems (2012F)
    • Data Structure and Algorithms (2013S, 2014S)
    • Introduction to Computing (2008F, 2009S, 2010S, 2011S, 2012S)
  • U. of Iowa
    • Database System (2006F, 2007F)
    • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (2005F, 2007S)
    • Data Mining and Machine Learning (2005S, 2006S)
  • Services
    • Program Committee at ACM KDD, AAAI, VLDB, IEEE ICDM, IEEE ICDE, ACM CIKM.
    • Associate Editor at Information Sciences, Neurocomputing
    • PC-chair at EDB (2013), Publicity chair at IEEE ICDE (2015), Proceeding chair at APWeb (2010)
  • Consulting
    • I have been involved in numerous data mining & machine learning research and industrial projects. I am especially interested in working with companies or organizations with large data that are searching for data mining or machine learning solutions. Please, contact me to determine if such technology would be beneficial to your organization. The followings are examples of recent industrial projects.
    • 데이터마이닝과 딥러닝을 이용한 네트워크 장애 예측 및 분석
    • 지능형 에이전트를 위한 추천 엔진 개발
    • 진동 소음 예측 및 원인 인자 추출 및 분석
    • 딥러닝을 이용한 멀티모달 데이터 통합 학습/모델링 연구
    • 온라인 커뮤니티 댓글 감성 분석
    • ...