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Hwanjo Yu (유환조)

Hwanjo Yu
Professor, Vice Director of PIRL
hwanjoyu at postech dot ac dot kr (second email: hwanjoyupostech at gmail dot com)
Tel:  +82-54-279-2388
Fax: +82-54-279-5699
Office: PIRL 335

  • 2017: Best paper award at 2017 Korean Database Conference
  • 2017: Selected as "top 100 technologies and people that will lead Korea at 2025" by NAEK (공학한림원 선정, "2025년 대한민국을 이끌 100대 기술 및 주역 (차세대 기계학습 분야)")
  • 2017: KAKAO Faculty Fellowship (카카오 석좌교수)
  • 2016: NAVER Young Faculty Award (네이버 젊은 석좌교수)
  • 2016: Best research adviser award for POSTECH URP (Undergraduate Research Program) (포스텍 학부생 연구지도 프로그램 우수 지도 교수상)
  • 2016: Ranked 1st at NTCIR-12, QA Lab competition (Graduate advisees)
  • 2015: Ranked top 1.1% (10 out of 850 teams from 49 countries) at ACM RecSys Challenge (Graduate advisees)
  • 2014: Selected as Excellent national project ("Search and mining for mobile devices") (우수 국가과제 선정)
  • 2013: Best poster award at IEEE Int. Conf. Data Engineering (ICDE) (out of 150 full and short papers)
  • 2010: 2nd and 3rd places at the UCSD Data Mining Contest (Graduate advisees)
  • 2003: The 2003 UIUC Data Mining Research Gold Award
  • 2003: IBM Research Student Scholarship Award at ACM KDD (Int. Conf. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)
  • 2003: AAAI Student Scholarship Award at IJCAI (Int. Joint Conf. Artificial Intelligence)
  • 2003: Student Scholarship Award at CIKM (Int. Conf. Information and Knowledge Management)
  • 2002: IBM Research Student Scholarship Award at ACM KDD (Int. Conf. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining)
    • Artificial Intelligence (2017S, 2018S, 2019S)
    • Big Data (2013F, 2015F, 2016F, 2017F, 2018F)
    • Data Mining: (2008S, 2009S, 2010S, 2011F, 2015F)
    • Data Analysis using Tools (2016S)
    • Database Systems (2012F)
    • Data Structure and Algorithms (2013S, 2014S, 2019S)
    • Introduction to Computing (2008F, 2009S, 2010S, 2011S, 2012S)
  • U. of Iowa
    • Database System (2006F, 2007F)
    • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (2005F, 2007S)
    • Data Mining and Machine Learning (2005S, 2006S)
  • Services
    • Program Committee at ACM KDD, AAAI, VLDB, IEEE ICDM, IEEE ICDE, ACM CIKM.
    • Associate Editor at Information Sciences, Neurocomputing
    • PC-chair at EDB (2013), Publicity chair at IEEE ICDE (2015), Proceeding chair at APWeb (2010)
  • Consulting
    • I have been involved in numerous data mining & machine learning research and industrial projects. I am especially interested in working with companies or organizations with large data that are in need of data mining or machine learning solutions.