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Christian Thiede's most recent books  include 
 Death and Deception Shake Hands, 
Five Flash-Fiction Stories. 

Thiede read excepts from this tome April 4 at the 34th Annual Wildwood Writers' Festival. 

Note: The cover from Death and Deception Shake Hands, 
Five Flash-Fiction Stories.was not available at press time. 
                                                     At right-- the busy author at a recent book-signing.

Adam Fausey
, a veteran journalist, and television script editor is working on a poetry manuscript with PostDada Press. A possible late Autumn release is in mind.

 2013 Promotional Tour for Maria James-Thiaw's
"Talking 'White' " collection a Huge Success

Celebrate Maria Thiaw's latest poetry book, Talking "White" published by postDada Press in conjunction with iUniverse. The book is available both as an e-book and in print. 

The rollicking 2013 tour continues. Maria James-Thiaw hosted the 100 Poet's Reading at the State Museum on 3rd St in Harrisburg.  In November she conducted a writing workshop at Elizabethtown College for Philadelphia Stories Magazine. And on and on it goes!

More information on touring dates will be listed as it becomes available.

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Talking "White" a collection of lyric poetry that takes a hard look at intra-cultural bullying within the African American community

With poems like "Ostracized" "Keeping it Real" and "The Post-Black Manifesto" Maria James-Thiaw skillfully brings cultural identity politics to light. At the same time she honors literary ancestors including Langston Hughes, Jean Toomer and others in her own family who rose above their circumstances and overcame obstacles. James-Thiaw bridges the gap between page and stage with a collection of poetry that is moving and emotional, unapologetically tackling tough issues. Talking "White" is a thought-provoking look at how a new generation of African Americans define identity. "Saucy, witty, and vibrant, this lyrical collection resides in 'Langston's neighborhood'-it delivers verbal music, up-tempo incantations that embody social history and personal narrative in sensual lines we want to read aloud. The intimate tone allows us to feel connected to our poet, Maria James-Thiaw. Her blues are ours; her laughter uplifts us" Marilyn Kallet, prize-winning poet and professor at The University of Tennessee - Knoxville "Only an author who has truly mastered both the instrumentation of words and the instinctual music of the emotions behind them could have written the book Maria has created. She paints tender and intensely personal portraits of everything from fledgling romance to resolving racial identity, yet I felt and found myself in every experience she described. Most of us struggle to find just the right words to bring someone into a moment with us; Maria has captured an entire book of them" ~Carla Christopher, Poet Laureate of York (2010-2013)

If you'd like an e-book or would like to purchase a printed copy online, you can find Talking "White" by Maria James-Thiaw on, Barnes & Noble, and If you like the book, please feel free to leave a review on one of those sites.




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Raw: Exposing the Untamed Mind
By John Destalo
   Destalo's anxiously awaited PostDada verse collection, "Raw: Exposing the Untamed Mind”, has been called by one reviewer "a bold new venture in expression."
   This fine collection of poetry consists of simple, yet  raw personal explorations written by "a tortured soul" struggling to fit into a trying, inhospitable world.
   Destalo's language is basic and unforgiving. The entire narrative is electric, pulsing with gripping interior monologues through which the author is able to peel away the layers of relationships with a sure, unequivocal, and surgical precision.
   A book tour to promote this new work began in
July and continued through Autumn.
John Destalo read at several venues including Yorkfest 2011.
York, PA, outdoor arts festival, August 28.
 Poetry Spoken Here, Poetry Tent at the Yorkfest.
_Destalo Tribute to Derek Jeter_ ___ ___ ___ ___
John Destalo, 2013,
current projects, & interview:
A Poetry Collection by Christine O'Leary-Rockey

O’Leary-Rockey's PostDada verse collection, "The Three Faces
of Brahman," was released in summer, 2010 and a reading tour with book-signings, etc.
 began at Harrisburg's Midtown Cinema on August 12. The tour continued with
readings at the Lancaster Barnes & Noble (August 25), YorkArts Festival (August 28) and "The York Poetry Festival” in York on September 12. 

O’Leary-Rockey also read at The Dreamer's Cafe in Frederick, November 1. (see Events)

Poet and English prof Christine O’Leary-Rockey would really like to
consider herself a practicing philosopher, but the title "reeks of arrogance"
so instead she describes herself as “only loosely in touch with reality.”
She's been published in both print and online publications, including
Planet Magazine, Fledgling Rag, Steel Point Quarterly, Literary Chaos
and Megaera, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
An exciting performance poet, O’Leary-Rockey has toured with the Flying Marmottes Review and has been a card-carrying member of the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel since 1999.

On May 20th, 2012, The Fox Chase Reading Series presented members of the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel-- Christine O’Leary-Rockey, Marty Esworthy and Jack Veasey for a poetry reading at Ryerss Museum and Library. The reading begins at 2pm in the 2nd floor gallery of the museum followed by an open mic. For more information on the reading--

 The infamous trio, Esworthy, Rockey, and Veasey read again in 2013, as part of Fox Chase's Poetry on the Porch in July. Same station, same Museum. Same Fox.
UPDATE: October 2013, O’Leary-Rockey, a last-minute performer, turns out to be a prizewinner at the 11th Heavyword Poetry Championship, Saturday, October 5 at Coakley's, in New Cumberland, PA.