"Greetings from ..." Postcard Geography

Welcome to the online Postcard exchange Project. This project was started during the Fall of 2008 by a private Catholic school in Beaverton, Oregon.  We invite you to participate in our collaborative Google Map project.  It  is open to classrooms of all ages and any location.  The main goal of this project is to share famous landmarks, locations, or unique aspects of your home state or region.
Click HERE to access the shared Google map or copy the URL (below) into your browser.
    Postcards can be made by individual students or classes as a whole.
  • More than one postcard can be embedded for a location.
  • Please do not use photos that have copyright restrictions.  Consider using images from Wikimedia Commons those that use Creative Commons licensing.  See photo resources.
  • Include research and descriptions along with your postcards - it makes it so much more educational.
  • Follow these simple directions for embedding your postcards.
Good luck, be creative and have fun.  Email me if you have any problems or questions at:  ccassinelli [at] valleycatholic [dot] org
Colette Cassinelli
Valley Catholic Computer Teacher