Tobacco Farming Post Cards

   Description:  An aerial view of tobacco fields and tobacco sheds in the
   Connecticut River Valley tobacco growing region.
   Title:  Connecticut River Valley Tobacco Farm
   Description:  A ground view of a shade tobacco field and tobacco shed
   on a Connecticut River Valley tobacco farm.    
   Description:  A young woman operates a sewing machine that
   attaches pairs of tobacco leaves to wooden lath in a tobacco shed on
   a Connecticut River Valley tobacco farm. 
    Title:  Irrigation System for Shade Grown Tobacco 
    Description:  The portable aluminum piping provides an irrigation
    system to water the tobacco fields under the shade netting on a
    Connecticut River Valley tobacco farm.
    Description:  Two young women sew pairs of tobacco leaves onto
    wooden laths by hand in a tobacco shed on a Connecticut River Valley
    tobacco farm.
      Description:  A group of young men are picking tobacco leaves and
      loading them into canvas baskets on a Connecticut River Valley
      tobacco farm.
               Title:  Ripe Shade Tobacco Leaves are Placed in Canvas Baskets
               Description:  A young men are loads freshly picked tobacco
               leaves into a canvas basket during the month of July or August on a
               Connecticut River Valley tobacco farm.
      Description:  Three young women operate a sewing machine that
      attaches pairs of tobacco leaves to a wooden lath.  The laths are
      hung in a tobacco shed to cure on a Connecticut River Valley tobacco
      Title:  Shade Grown Tobacco Seedlings are Planted in the Field
      Description:  A four-man tobacco planter traverses a field planting
      the tobacco seedlings on a Connecticut River Valley tobacco farm.
      Title:  Tobacco Valley Tobacco Sheds  
     Description:  The tobacco sheds enable the curing of the tobacco
     leaves with charcoal or gas ovens which requires the vents on the
     sides of the sheds on a Connecticut River Valley tobacco farm. 
     School buses are the usual means to transport the tobacco workers.
      Title:  Workers Hang Shade Cloth in Tobacco Fields
      Description:  Workers install the netting and irrigation system in a
      tobacco field in preparation for a new planting season on a
      Connecticut River Valley tobacco farm.   
                   Title:  Workers Sew Pairs of Tobacco Leaves to Laths 
                   Description:  Two young women operate a sewing machine which  
                   attaches tobacco leaves in pairs onto a wooden lath.  The workers
                   receive the leaves from the fields in canvas baskets on a Connecticut
                   River Valley tobacco farm.
       Title:  Workers Transfer Tobacco Seedlings from Hot Beds to Planters 
       Description:  A group of women transfer tobacco seedlings from
       the hot beds to wooden boxes for planting on Connecticut River Valley
       tobacco farm. 
       Title:  Young Tobacco Plants are Supported Individually
       Description:  A group of women wind string around each tobacco
       plant to keep the plant upright while it grows to the height of the
       cloth netting on a Connecticut River Valley tobacco farm. 

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