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Like many postcard collectors and traders,  I have in my possession batches of cards all addressed to the same family. These have often come from the collection of one person in the family who treasured the cards and to whom other members of the family frequently posted new items to help build the collection, but whether by accident or intention the collection has been broken up.  I am always sad when these batches of cards turn up in lots that I buy at auction. The cards contain a deal of useful information for those who are exploring family history. At the very least they usually confirm the address of the recipient and sometimes that of the sender too. If the collection was built over several years there may be more than one residential address, especially if the recipient was in domestic service. Frequently, the messages on the postcards mention other members of the family, periods of sickness or hospitalization, military training or service overseas, special occasions like birthdays, weddings and funerals, details about employment and, of course, holidays.

 Postcard collecting was very popular just around the time of the 1901 and 1911 Censuses and, with online searches, it is now easy to match these details and confirm whether people named on the postcards were part of a particular family. And, to have a few cards in the actual handwriting of a grandmother or great grandmother ( or the black sheep who went to Canada)  adds a special dimension to the study of family history.

 Here is the aim of this website - to try and re-unite some of those postcards with the families that wrote and saved them. I have entered on the site all the groups of cards that have come my way, arranged alphabetically by surname. Folk who are following up their family history can search the listings to see if there are any cards with the surname they are interested in.

This is not a money making scheme, it is not even a shop. I will need to charge for the cards people want ( I have paid for them myself at auction after all ). I am setting the price at 50p per card which is well below the starting rate for most topographical cards. If you spot something that you think relates to your family, send me a mail to pcfheditor@gmail.com and I can give you more information. My greatest satisfaction will be to send you some cards that belong in your family.

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