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Starting a new business?  Want to protect yourself from identity theft?  We can help!  The Woodland Hills Postal Annex offers Mailbox Rental service for its customers.  This could be a great solution for those who are just starting a home based business.  Knowing that this is an ever increasing trend in today's economy, we have adapted to cater to the needs to busy business people, and become their personal assistant.  Not only will you be able to use a professional street address, you will also be able to take advantage of the following: We will collect your incoming mail and place it in your secure mailbox that you have 24 hour access to.  We will also make copies of that very important sales package and overnight it to your client via UPS or FedEx.  We can fax that sales order worldwide, while you're at your home office taking care of the more important things.  We will take your UPS and FedEx packages and make sure they go out the same day, and we'll even collect your outgoing mail!  There are many more advantages of this service, for more details and pricing information please call us at (818) 713-2626, or drop our centrally located store on Ventura Blvd  in Woodland Hills. 

Opening a mailbox at Postal Annex also has it's benefits for personal use.  There has been an scary increasing trend of identity theft lately.  Does your mail person leave credit card statements and other documents containing sensitive personal invasion that could be a disaster if they fell into the wrong hands?  Make sure to have these delivered to your secure mailbox at Postal Annex, where only YOU have access to 24 hours a day!