2018 FALL Classes  September 24th-December 21st.

All classes are geared around painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture. Students are exposed to differing techniques and projects are tailored to their interests. These art sessions are meant to encourage children’s creativity while teaching important skills with materials as well as developing problem solving and concentration. They will also be introduced to the work of different artists and techniques as well as have a place to experiment with their own ideas. All materials used are artist grade high quality grade- the same materials I use for my own art. 
Class size is usually 4-5 students maximum.
Feel free to call with any questions or for more information: Jen (917) 968 - 4919

Mondays, 5-6 pm                                                                                                                                   

Advanced Atelier (Mixed ages, 11+)                                                                                                      

This class for those who are more experienced in art making and want to concentrate on mastering materials and creative approaches.  These students have a grasp of their abilities and want to expand--and are interested in creating their own projects. This class is small enough that each student will receive guidance in achieving their own artistic goals, which will be explored and encouraged. Projects will be in a wide variety of materials and media, including lots of painting, sculpture and drawing. This class often focuses on more traditional art technique. Students are encouraged to work on their own independent ideas.                                                                                                                            Class time: 60 min. 

Tuesdays, 5-6 pm

Art Studio (Mixed ages, 8+)                                                                                                                                            

This class for kids who are becoming experienced and enthusiastic about art making and ready to try a variety of new materials and approaches.  Each student gets individual instruction tailored to their level. Projects are personalized to students' interests in a wide variety of materials and media, including lots of painting, sculpture. Students are encouraged to develop their own project ideas to pursue, with guidance.                                                                     Class time: 60 min. 

Wed- Thurs - private instruction. Small classes may be arranged, please email for availability and open slots- thank you!