Jen Ferguson discovered a love of sharing her creative life and skills with children and has been teaching young artists in her studio since 2006. In addition to the fundamentals of drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media, creative thinking is encouraged and actively fostered. Jen is very interested in the subject of creative thought and experimentation as a path to success in every aspect of career and life, regardless of what life direction a student may ultimately choose.

In keeping with the philosophy of making art by using the best materials, students will use artist quality paints, pencils, etc., and in some cases, are using Jen's actual studio tools. By having access to quality colors and brushes, young artists are more inspired by what they are able to create. Jen also reaches out for materials and subjects in a non-traditional sense by using found objects, sources from our natural surroundings and embraces the idea of art not only being found everywhere, but being created by everything and anything.

Classes are more semi-private than group. This is not only for more intimate teaching but also for comfort in the studio and the ability to customize the projects according to the desire, skill level, and interest of students. In addition, Jen maintains a full professional schedule; teaching days and classes are limited in order to allow her own work and exhibition demands to remain unhindered.

Jen Ferguson has been working as a full-time artist in DUMBO for the last twelve years and has been exhibiting for over 20 years. In addition to working with the DUMBO BID and DUMBO Parents Organization, she also has teaching experience at the Bard College preschool as well as the Mill Street Loft in Dutchess County, and holds degrees from both Bard College and Pratt University. Her work may be seen at  jenferguson.comjenferguson.wordpress.com  and artinchaos.etsy.com.