The Five Elements of the Program of Study

Below you will find the POS document separated into individual pages that can be downloaded to Google docs for collaborative work. The site was developed to break the document up into its separate sections in order to tackle one piece at a time. Additionally, you will find worksheets that will help you gather information as you work through the individual pages.  The section pages have active links. When you click on the link another box will pop up and then by clicking on that box you will be taken to the source of the link where information is provided by the state to assist you in completing that particular section. Please let me know if you need additional supporting documents.


There are five Elements necessary for a robust Career and Technical Education Program of Study—all are critical to being State approved in Oregon

CTE POS Design Elements


⇒  In the first part of each Element section, click on each checkbox for criteria that applies to your Program of Study  
⇒  For those criteria that don’t apply at this time, explain in the Comments box at the end of the section how you will address those criteria before the program is up for revision (POSs are usually approved for four years)
⇒  In the second part of each Element section, there is the expandable space provided for Comments, as mentioned above.   Use this box to explain missing check marks in the criteria statements above, point out strengths of your program, or identify special circumstances you need to have considered during ODE review of this application
⇒  If you already have documents or files that help demonstrate the strength of each Element, simply attach those documents or files in the appropriate Addendum folder when submitting this application, rather than write lengthy responses in the Comment box.  (Consult the Guide to Using the Oregon CTE Program of Study Application 2012 for details about how to use Addenda if submitting supporting documents or files.)

The Five Elements of the POS are directly linked below