POS Home

This site has been developed to assist you in the completion of your Program of Study (POS). Within this site you will find the POS broken down into the five elements. These five elements are found under The Five Elements of the Program of Study link to the left. 

The primary resources can be found to the left under POS Resources where you will find various individualized POS Resources sorted by School and POS for easy retrieval. These include the Career Roadmap, Crosswalk Matrix, and pages 1-4 of the POS packet customized and completed for your specific school and program. You will need to review these documents and make slight changes as necessary. We used the best resources available to us when creating these documents, but things can change. When it comes to your POS, you are the expert! 

Regarding your individualized pages that we have completed for you: All the teachers who are up for POS submission this year can read everyone else's documents, but only the specific teacher of the program has edit privileges. 

We have also included a tab that links to previously submitted POS documents that can also provide guidance for you as you work through yours. 

IMPORTANT: We will have meetings designed to walk you through this process and facilitate the completion of your POS documentation. You will receive information and updates concerning the time and place of each of these meetings.

This site is intended to constantly improve to meet your needs. Your feedback is vital to that on-going improvement. Please email markclifford57@gmail.com with any ideas or comments. 

Thank you!!