Positively Aussies

Welcome to Positively Aussies. My name is Stacey and I share my home with 4 wonderful dogs. From left to right and top to bottom they are Gwen and Zach {Australian Shepherds}, Codi {Greater Swiss Mountain Dog} and Sasha {German Shepherd}. I train and compete in numerous venues including agility, rally, canine water sports, herding, obedience just to name a few. I am a big believer in using positive training methods and it shows in my relationship and my dogs love and joy of training and competiting. To learn more about performance venues, positive training and aussies check out the following links.
I also own my own grooming shop Pride N' Groom in Washington, NJ. I utilize the same methods with my clients dogs as I do with my own in order to create a stress free, positive enviroment. To learn more about our shop and services check us out at: