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Korean Positive Ageing Charitable Trust

Korean Positive Ageing Charitable Trust


Korean Positive Ageing Charitable Trust

Vision and Mission


To promote and maintain a happy, healthy and holistic way of life for Korean seniors and their families


To empower Korean seniors to enable them to participate fully in the local community

Area services provided

Auckland- based in Manukau

Services provided

Social work service, Health promotion(Positive Ageing Workshops) ,

Community Development,  Silver School for Korean Seniors,

Korean Senior Friendship Line

Resources available (eg brochures, websites, venues for use etc...


Website(under construction)

Face book page: Korean Positive Ageing Charitable Trust.

Referral procedure

Contact to


Booking procedure



Gold coin donation may required depends on the programme

Contact information for various services

Primary representative Yongrahn Park

Any other relevant information for the Network