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2nd phase completed November 2017

The second cohort of Bachelor of Health Science students from the University of Auckland, majoring in Population Health,  have been working with Age Concern Counties Manukau and their work with the Positive Ageing Network. The work looks at the ageing experience and factors that help to make the ageing experience a positive one. At the beginning of the year four of our student colleagues carried out literature reviews, in order to develop a survey that would form the foundations of the project. During the second half of the year, we have been continuing their work on the survey. We went through a few key phases before we started

receiving responses to the survey. First we tested out the survey that was developed last semester, in order to test its feasibility. We received feedback on these test surveys which we used to make changes before allowing for responses to the survey.

Although the work on this research is not done, we are excited to share some of the preliminary findings that we received from the surveys.


The results of our survey have shown that volunteering is a highly positive activity for our older population. It leads to feelings of happiness and gives our older people the ability to contribute to society. Knowing this will enable us to advocate for the positive impacts of volunteering, and aim to create more opportunities for the elderly community to participate in society through their time and effort on volunteering.


Participation is also a factor that we have found to be highly positive for our older population. Participation gives us an opportunity to form social connections, which are known to be very important for the mental well-being and overall good health of older people. Knowing this gives us the ability to create opportunities for our older people to participate in society, and looking forward allows us to focus our efforts on helping our older people age positively.

We are hopeful that the work that we have put into the project will push the research further to help our elderly community, and we are excited to see the contributions that our efforts will make in the future of our older people.

History of the project below:

Aims and objectives

The PAN research steering group identified through the discussions, interactive symposiums and events and our world café that the following three items are our priority:


Ageing is a developmental, cultural, and social process and like all developmental milestones has some predictable phases. The life of a sixty year old will be different from a seventy year old, or an eighty year old or from a person in their nineties. We need to know more about how people thrive through these decades?

Item 2

Who are the people who feel safe in their communities and what is happening to create these conditions?

What can we do to ensure the safety and security of older people and guard against policies that may increase vulnerability?.

Item 3

How can we ensure that all the individual and collective cultural identities of our older people are respected and enhanced within their communities?

 The Research Question

From this we have drilled down to develop the research question –which is:

"What contributes to older people living, playing and working well in the community of Counties Manukau? 

Early 2017 we have had 4 students on placement who carried out a literature review in the first semester of 2017 and we are currently looking at a second semester placement to progress the survey on "What contributes to older people living, playing and working well in the community of Counties Manukau? Anna, Shreya, Privitha and Tian pictured below.

Wendy Bremner presented at the NZAG 2016 conference on the work the Positive Ageing Network has done to date on establishing a research agenda.

View a video of the slides from the presentation on our You Tube channel.

If you are interested in including the network in any research you are doing please contact Wendy Bremner at Age Concern Counties Manukau Inc      

We had a very successful planning half day on the 23rd of November 2016 with 48 key stakeholders and Auckland University staff to help workshop ideas to help our scholar with her summer research project to establish a research agenda for the network.

The questions we asked were: 
What prevents Older people from thriving in NZ?
What enables older people to thrive in NZ today and would help them in the future?
What data do we currently collect relevant to positive ageing?
What is our most pressing research question in regard to Positive Ageing?

We came up with some great feedback and have narrowed down the top three research questions which will be updated here in due course.

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