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Versatile Shader System for Poser

Hi. This is the home page for VSS, the Versatile Shader System by Bagginsbill.

Download the file Preview Release 1 file (Revision A). Unzip into its own runtime OR merge with one of your existing runtimes. Works either way.

Then download the Preview Release 3 (VSS PR3 Control Prop) file. Unzip that on top of the earlier release.

In the zip file there is copyright.txt, and vssReadMe.txt. Be sure to read those.

This is still being tested. Documentation is limited and there are certainly bugs in it. There is excellent discussion of problems and solutions found so far in the VSS Skin Test thread, linked below.

Digital Dreamer has very kindly assembled a ton of information from the thread into a Microsoft Word document. You can get that here too. Thank you DD!

Downloads (newest first)


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V4UCFS Sneak Preview Precursor work to VSS - many of the features shown in that thread will be appearing in VSS Pro.

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