Philgreg - Poser Addict

"I'm passionate about rediscovering my artistic side using digital media"


 Philgreg has been using Poser since late 2006.  Initially discovering Poser 4, but uninstalling it about 1 hour after installing it.   I came back to  Poser in the Autumn of last year. I had spotted some 3d artwork I liked and it reminded me of Poser.  For some reason i just found the whole process a lot easier this time round.  Probably having a better computer helps.

Now my aims are 

1) To win some competitions.
Having the approval of peers in the artworld is important to me.  I know I have a long way to go, but you are never to old to  learn.

2) To create a wide range of Textures and poses to help poor Posers like myself. 
Financial realities hold you back when you'd love to spend $$$$ on poser stuff. So free stuff is essential.

3) To learn to create my own models. 
I'm learning Hexagon at the moment, but it could be a while before you see my first props or clothes.

4) To Sell something.
As I'm still a novice, I'm gonna do a wide set of free stuff before I think of selling.  However, by the end of 2008 I would like to be in a position sell some of my textures or pose packs.

5) To be Affordable
The only thing that sometimes irritates me about the whole "Merchant" thing is the prices.  I am aware that the people who make these Items are talented and work hard at what they do. However, sometimes I see an item for $25 or more, and frankly that's out of reach for me.  This is a hobby, and although $25 isn't a lot of money...its too much for me to justify to create art for fun.

So, anything I create will always be priced very cheaply, not because I don't value my work, but because I believe that people are more willing to pay for affordable items, and will hopefully return and buy again regularly.