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A-Class Workmanship according to ancient Graeco-Roman Times quality criteria Litinvs Constantine creates portrait engraved gemstones from photo, the materials used and processes employed to cut gemstone portraits in Graeco-Roman Times explained by the British Royal authoCyril Davenport 1900  (Cameos page 13, par 3).

Litinvs used to cut gemstone portraits the same process as described by Davenport, today, more than ever, A-Class quality remain the best reference. Whether in terms of the workmanship or the external elements, the technique is only handmade without electricity use 18th century tools and ancient equipment used only. There is always great interest attached to the inquiry as to the tools and methods of working Litinvs used today according ancient times of the small technical precious gem arts.

Litinvs workshop cut the gemstones himself, this work is not done by onother workman ; He possesses a large assortment of rough gems found much trouble in cutting away large pieces, so, as a rule, select best part material of piece precious gemstone specimens for your portrait cameo order.  For although his work can be traced by microscopic gemstone examination of the surfaces is usually highly polished, he uses diamond powder with pure Olive oil & ochre is increased to an extraordinary degree, and the harder
the stone is the better polished has to be, he presses the minute particles of diamond dust into copper point to such a degree that this point cuts and polish fine. 
The process of A-Class workmanship is done by a continously with different hand tools lima to cut and polish  surface again and again, however, a small lathe 18th century hand working used necessary for cutting hard stones,  such a small lathe working similar was used by the ancients for cutting. At the fine end of the engraving work can be quite well judge of the progress of his work by the eye alone represented from photograph precision artwork gemstone geode "as is" mined  natural hardness  7.5-9Mohs hardness four times harder than stainless steel.

Litinvs Guarantee,

Top Durability


7.5 - 9.0

Mohs Hardness As Gemstone Mined.

None Soften Stone Surface

None Gem Enhancement

None Colour Treatment

None Sulphuric Acids

Gemstone hardness is one of the factors on which the durability of a  gemstone depends. In gemmology, hardness is defined as the ability of a gemstone to resist scratching and abrasion. In relation to engraved gemstones jewellery, hardness is  important as it indicates how well a  gemstone will keep its polish during wear. World celebrity ancient portrait engraved gemstones have 7.5-9.0Mohs hardness were cut as British author describes olive oil & diamond powder nothing elseLitinvs used to cut gemstone portraits since 1839 same process olive oil with diamond powder  see British Royal author (p 13, par 3)

Cyril Davenport 1900 Cameos

the polishing process in gem surface will not observe stone durability at all, besides gem will keep this high brilliance fresh looking more than,

5000 years

Keep High Brilliance.

as most ancient cameos shown today in the British Museum at London according Graeco-Roman Times quality criteria durability and trustworthiness.

Gemstone Cutting Process

First Class Workmanship Graeco-Roman Times Quality Criteria.