Certificate Of Origin Warranty

Litinvs Engraved Gemstones Guaranteed & Hallmarked.

Every Litinvs work accompanied with a Certificate of Origin & Warranty, all Litinvs jewels guaranteed for unlimited period of time from the date of purchase specified on the certificate of origin & warranty. The portrait cameo's birth certificate, includes full jeweller details registered in our archives as every Litinvs has its own serial number recorded, and Litinvs seal engraved on the gemstone & metal surface.


The certificate inkjet printed Connoisseur heavy cotton paper do not suffer ink bleaching through the ages is unique and must be kept safely into the red linen cover. All these details from the date of purchase specified on the Certificate of Origin. The guarantee is valid only for stone portraits created from photograph of the person precisiorepresented, guarantee covers all manufacturing faults and material defects as confirmed in this certificate and Litinvs Service in house, gemological inspected.


Warranty Covers

Unlimited Period Of Time Since Date Of Purchase.

Warranty unlimited period of time since date of purchase included into the Certificate of Origin.

  • GEMSTONE TOP HARDNESS AS IS MINED (Gemstone geode 7.5-9.0Mohs hardness, none chemical treatment, none soften gemstone surface).
  • HIGHLY POLISHED GEMSTONE SURFACE (Stone surface fine polished with olive oil & diamond powder with ochre).
  • TOP DURABILITY SOLDERING PRECIOUS METAL SURFACE (antique bronze burner & wine alcohol fire with mouth air forge).


IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING WARRANTY. Litinvs jewels have maximum hardness as is mined & highly polished surface, no need any service or particular repolishing during wear, it is made to last for ever as is gemstone condition mined.
Guarantee does not cover abuse such as dropping, thermal heating more than 75 Celsius temperature, exposure of an acid for long period, anatomy portrait damage arising from performing by other jeweller`s, clumsy and crude operations to this good quality will ruin its integrity and may seriously affect its value immediatly. Any intervention carried out under the terms of this guarantee does not extend its validity or affect its conditions. At Litinvs`s in-store cleaning is possible one upon the time check up your cameo assure stone condition, written description, microscope photographs, a completed cameo cleaning service with out change the original standards and value.

Hallmarked & Litinvs Seal

Official marks On Precious Metals Certify Litinvs Jewels.

Precious metal work hallmarked of certain purity or fineness of Litinvs metals, as determined by the official metal (assay) testing office Convention of Vienna.


Litinvs series of marks struck on metal surface initial letters "LTS" (lazer technique) of each jewellery after final finis of the workmanship, made by gold (750), silver (925) hallmarks guarantee of certain purity or fineness.  This hallmark apply all Litinvs engraved gemstone jewels creations and patterns: it encompasses cases, backside gemstone surface, all metal works, silver, gold, palladium.

The Litinvs seal it is indsputable,  Litinvs Constantine Tsoutis says,

"a hallmark of quality  must apply to the jewellery art work, gemstone & metal surface. This fact called for a seal that defines all competencies & features of relevance to the creation precision and durability through the centuries".

Seal & Cross

Front gemstone surface sign "LITINVS" minute size 3mm X 0.7mm not visible by the eye alone, it is recomended jewellery loupe 10x.