Litinvs Cross

A superb Symbol For Superb Portrait Engraved Gemstones Jewels.

Since 1839, a graphic symbol associated with our heritage. It is the Litinvs cross that is officially  registered as its legally protected trademark. This registration is renewed on January 12, 2019, and included the reservation of “Cross of Litinvs” as a verbal identifier and branding element.

Hallmark Of Quality

The Litinvs Independence.

The Litinvs cross also expresses the noblesse that is inherent in its name. Here we see at once the source of the Latin name "Litinvs" and for its variations from the ancient Koine Biblical Greek origin. To specify the letters from the LATIN-Greek standing,

L-Λ,   I-Ι,   T-Θ,   Ι-Ι,   N-Ν,   V-Ο,   S-Σ
means stone

The name Litinvs, spelt "Λ Ι Θ Ι Ν Ο Σ" in Greek capitals this is the almost exact identity of the ancient Greek alphabet with the modern Latin which means stone & refears to a person that is dedicated to work on stones, the scantiness of this alphabet is explained by the British Royal author C. W. King fellow of Trinity college, Cambridge (1866), Christ is portrayed in both the Old & New Testaments as a "ΛΙΘΙΝΟΣ", STONE  "Chief Cornerstone of the Church" (Ephesians 2:20).

The symbol of Litinvs cross associated with his name, the first Greek capital letter "Λ" lambda from ΛIΘΙΝΟΣ  joining one upon the other making the cross, a good reason that Litinvs have adopted the cross was its graphically ornamental quality and the fact that it was a centuries-old signature. It is an aesthetically persuasive symbol whose beauty remains unaffected by passing fashion trends. Thus, it is an ideal hallmark for representing the values of Litinvs engraved jewels and the long-term horizon of its corporate philosophy.