Portrait Cameos From Photograph

First Class Workmanship.

A peerlessly beautiful gemstone with exceptional sparkle can speak for yourself portrait. At Litinvs we harness the brilliance of hand-selected gemstones, capturing your face characteristics from photo. 
Setting gem into precious metal pendant with diamonds accompanied a luxurious leather box.

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Litinvs High Complicated Cameos is so strong and, at the same time high relief ; so delicate and beautiful as that to be found on a first-rate ancient onyx cameos. Litinvs works comparable with the old finest art of any age. A coin thin cameo, however cannot compare with a fine high cameo, not recomended (Royal British Author Cameos, p. 19, par 2.) because at best it is only stamped, it has no master`s touch upon it, and the exquisite beauty of the stone is wanting.


For although his work can be 
traced by microscopic gemstone examination of the surfaces is highly polished.  At the fine end of the engraving work can be quite well judge of the progress of his work by the eye alone represented from photograph precision artwork. The Photo Gemstone Viewer phenomenon patented by LITINVS, anyone can show accurately identified gemstone jewel from photograph.

Why a portrait cameo is important?

Cameo Psychology

Find here few reasons to have your portrait cameo on precious stone.

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