Cameo Box

Keep Safe Your Portrait Cameo.
Litinvs box made by natural materials that last for centuries, keep safe and new condition your investment jewel.

Portrait cameo box, greatly affecting the value of the jewel should be stored in the protective box.
  • Luxurious & durable lemon & oak wooden box, red/black leather exterior.
  • Rabbit skin Glue does not expire even not oxidize jewelry metallic surface keep shining fresh & brilliant.
  • Required to be constanly kept into the Litinvs case evaporate humidity from jewel surface and keep shinning for long period.
  • Oak wood massive wooden pieces (upper-lower) durable construction.
  • Safe crown surrounded middle position jewel does not drop out of box.
  • Pocket size dimensions 2cm thickness, 7cm X 8cm roundless, light weight 50gms.
  • Possible in-store service if needed.

Your portrait
should be safe.

Upper case part is silk print your photo portrait most delicate durable material last few hundred years do not suffer ink bleaching.

A massive block pitch wood upper/ lower part and Swiss hardware to construct most durable cameo box ever made, bronze parts, screws, locks, keys, ofcourse, brilliant surface shellac vernished.

Portrait Cameo Box Process

Hand Made Value Box..