Photo Gem Viewer

Precision Cut From Photograph.

LITINVS portraits are precisely cut brilliants from photograph that, when examined using a special Photo Gemstone Viewer, display portrait engraved gemstone from below (fixed position) and photograph from the above.



High Portrait Cameos Value.

Consumers will be confident that the portrait engraved gemstone that they purchase as a LITINVS cut is exactly what it is claimed to be from the photograph, a Gemstone with a scientific abjective certificate.

  • Portrait engraved gemstones shows accurately identified from photograph.
  • Indicate gemstone portrait precision cut have the endorsement of an internationally respected independent authority.

The Photo Gemstone Viewer phenomenon patented by LITINVS a hand-held viewing and compare photo with gemstone the pattern is a critical component of the product it appears all LITINVS portraits that have precise proportions and symmetry from the photograph. High relief and the marvellous quality of permanence in the gemstone material in which it is cut ; at the same time it must be highly polished surface as to the person represented from photograph.