The Litinvs Story

Brand Vitality & His Modern Creativity.


Litinvs Constantine Tsoutis continues the engraving gemstone jewel tradition, Litinvs is independent manufacturer, its independence enables it to go its own way and control its own destiny, it is the story of a unique heritage workmanship, a combination of experience, ingenuity & passion the Litinvs safeguards and revitalizes in all its disciplines skills.  Its capacity to innovate reflects a brand's vitality, his creativity and ingenuity have not faded, but steadily increased ; witness the fact that since 2007, Litinvs invented the E.S.I, Eye Sight Improvement,  and ten (10) new technical patents.
  • Invention E.S.I,  have primary aim method`s to restore normal healthy, functional use of the eyes. The use of Litinvs portrait cameos to the purpose of improvement the eyesight is an ingenious discovery which Litinvs brought his jewellery work a new alliance between artistic and technical brilliance the Litinvs firm worldwide renown. It represented modern high cameos combined special precious metal construction which improves the eyesight.
  • High cameo illuminated eyes
    ILLUMEYE or illuminated eyes, the way that Litinvs Portrait  Cameos "eyes" reflect light is unique ; inside the area of eyes, cameo will sparkle stone colour known fired eyes.
  • Invention S.C, "Safe Crown", durable
    mentagion adjustement without breaking when wearing roughly possible to renew the main hook by a safe screw.
  • Invention C.A, "Chain Adjustment" each jewel is possible to wear at your preference length position, Litinvs chain from 25cm length become larger to 70cm.
  • Invention W.R, "Water Resistant" by Ag2Cu2O3 & Zn leaf, the first water resistant portrait cameo jewel, silver/copper oxide filter with Zn isolate precision metal mount gilt from air & water. The interior metal jewel surface does not prevent oxidation always reflect light, Litinvs jewels marked 5ATM ISO 2281.

Litinvs Constantine says, 

"In our owned-workshop, we have the freedom to explore the imagination uninhibited by commercial restraints. So.. where to look for inspiration?

The origins of Litinvs is old may seem unlikely ; Until you see the result! The Litinvs portrait gemstone jewels pays homage to all aspects of the engraving art work and invention–particularly the detailed gem portrait carving with (ESI) eyesight improvement."

The task of initiating a new, or even unique Portrait Engraved Jewel from a photograph is an act of,

Creative Bravery.

Litinvs must always ask, how beautiful will it be? Not how many will we sell.

President Litinvs Constantine Tsoutis