The Litinvs Inventions

The First Complicated High Cameo,

Litinvs has a rich record heritage in making engraved gemstones jewels recognised as one of the most skilled inventions, attracting the attention and business of the world’s most important collectors in 2018, Litinvs launched the first Complicated High Cameos, several methods or process, to improve an overall engineering  and portrait cameo development process according Graeco-Roman times quality criteria as a result improve the eyesight.


All Litinvs 8 inventions that achieves a completely unique and function result as follows,
  • Invention Eyesight Improvement (E.S.I) have primary aim method`s to restore normal healthy, functional use of the eyes. The use of Litinvs portrait cameos to the purpose of improvement the eyesight is an ingenious discovery which Litinvs brought his jewellery work a new alliance between artistic and technical brilliance the Litinvs firm worldwide renown. It represented modern high cameos combined special precious metal construction which improves the eyesight.
  • Eyesight Improvement
    Illuminated Eyes (Illumeye) the way that Litinvs Portrait Cameos "eyes" reflect light is unique ; inside the area of eyes, cameo will sparkle stone colour known  fired eyes, see details here.
  • Invention Safe Pendulum (S.P) wear your jewel safe without risk of crushing, and always showing jewel details "front position". Not risk of braking your stone prtrait when jewel is pendulum.      1. At the beginning Jewel stands "front position". Man decides to stoop. When pendant moves away breast making pendulum automatically jewel turns "side position", stone does not show front position when pendulum, is fully protected avoid of crushing.      2. When the pendant rests back to the breast automatically turns "front position" as it was before penfulum, jewel looks frontal all jewellery details. Litinvs invention to wear your jewel safe without risk of crushing, and always showing jewel details "front position".

    Water Resistance (W.R) by Ag2Cu2O3 & Sn (Tin), the first water resistant portrait cameo jewel, silver/copper oxide filter with Sn gasket isolate precision metal mount gilt from air & water or dust from entering the case. The interior white gold metal jewel surface does not prevent oxidation always reflect light, Litinvs jewels marked 2BAR for daily use, activities on the surface of the water (leisure swimming).
    Invention Clear Oxygen Ions Spheres (C.S) soldering precious metals by antique bronze burner with genue alcohol (from wine) fire with mouth air forge by a bronze stick, the same process as described in Graeco-Roman Times quality criteria by the archaiologist. Wine Alcohol fire and mouth air does not prevent soldering oxidation while melting,
    durable soldering not oxidate through centuries, t
    op durability & trustworthiness clear oxygen ions spheres & metal-none oxide film or coating on a metal surface ; microscope tested.

    Safe Hoop (S.H) durable pendant adjustement without breaking when wearing roughly possible to renew the crown by a safe screw.
  • Invention Chain Adjustment (C.A) each jewel is possible to wear at your preference length position, Litinvs chain 25cm length become larger to 70cm.
  • Invention Safe Crown (S.C) that is mounted to the main gemstone surround forming a tin (Sn)
    frame that houses gem ; keep secure distance from the metal gilt case to avoid stone crushing from side surface when pendant is pendulum.