High Cameo

Illuminated Eyes

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CARAT 128.66ct - SIZE 41mm - WEIGHT 34g

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High Cameo piece richy orange sard front relief, cushion cut with illuminated background surface. Gem cryptocrystalline element improves the eyesight when looking face characteristics, lips, nose, eyes. Invention illumeye or illuminated eyes measure of the white light that beams from some special cutting process behind the interior gemstone surface. When lit directly from above, light entering the cameo eyes strikes several interior facets, and then this reflects the light back out the top of the eyes surface, so that to the viewer it seems light is streaming from inside the eyes surface, in room eyes reflect stronger light. The way that Litinvs Cameos "eyes" reflect light is unique ; Inside the area of eyes, cameo will sparkle stone colour known as "fired eyes".

Size is 41mm but adjustable to any length. Setting gem into two enclosed gilts palladium 950 fineness. Safe hook extra secure with palladium screw  exchangeable after hard use trimmed by the chain, decorative diamonds setting into hook surface. A series of marks struck on metal surface by the official testing assay  office Convention of Vienna. 

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Note on Pricing: Because of their beauty and rarity, fancy coloured high cameos command a great deal of attention with invention eyesight improvement and amazing sums at sales. In recent years, high cameos jewels have set sales records across the globe for price per carat.  Litinvs gemstone is special selected from mines and gemological inspected by the Institute of Precious Gemstones. Prices given are the starting price for palladium 950 fineness. Shipping 3 dayUPS worldwide. Our in-store Brand Ambassadors would be delighted to assist you in any questions.