Eyesight Improvement

High Portrait Cameos to the Purpose of Improvement the Eyesight.

The ingenious discovery which Litinvs apparently founded at his workshop in 2007 Bern capital of Switzerland brought his jewelry work a new alliance between artistic and technical brilliance the Litinvs firm worldwide renown. Represents high cameos with special precious metals which improves the eyesight. 

Litinvs Constantine Tsoutis says,     

"apply to look at the details of the portrait engraved gemstone lend greater readability and three dimensionality to the portrait, as well as increasing the richness of the ensemble.  Welcome fully into the present moment any avoidance,

where & who you are begins to crumble

the Litinvs Method effectively re-establish the normal, natural interaction between eye and mind to the visually-impaired person, letting eyes feast on special portrait cameo details,

in fact mind improve the eyesight

find the small portrait cameo details, gemstone depth all the nuances of the visual experience carving relief, and as it should be, a joy to see your portrait cameo created precious material that last for ever."

The illumeye or illuminated eyes high cameo is a new Litinvs invention at his workshop which measure of the white light that beams from some special cutting process behind the cameo surface. When lit directly from above, light entering the cameo eyes strikes several interior facets, and then this reflects the light back out the top of the eyes surface, so that to the viewer it seems light is streaming from inside the eyes surface. The way that Litinvs Portrait Cameos  eyes reflect light is unique ; Inside the area of eyes, cameo will sparkle stone colour known as, fired eyes.

Our Advice

Quick Way to Improve Your Eyesight.

Day light sunning it is the best light source, if have found too bright a lamp would be easier to manage with as the light source is constant and controllable. Direct the light source at your portrait cameo surface ; you are going to see straight face details. Remember to begin slow! If your eyes are sticking or dragging, or wanting to fly ahead, take your time even more, and notice when they go to watch into the miniature  details of your portrait cameo nose, lips, eyes which are visible easily by the eye alone, do this better & better improve your eyesight quickly.


Reflect The Use of the Eysight Improvement.

"I want to thank you for the attention, care, A-Class workmanship, the effort in making a very high standard cameo included invention illumeye carefully present very beautiful fired eyes, I consider you a great master of cameo making, one of few of their kind in this era & this world, a true heir of ancient Graeco-Roman masters. I stand by my words and your work is here to testify it. Iam looking forward to make other cameos with you, all the best". Sherif, Torino, Italy.

"It is so small and delicate portrait cameo, in one month practice gained amazing eyesight to read small letters, merci...  Litinvs". Zeller, old town of Bern Switzerland.

"In the beginning I found difficulty with the small details of my portrait cameo, however following the Litinvs eyesight method`s in short time gained the ability to read small letters much easier than before, it is truth".  Andre, Liebefeld Canton of Bern Switzerland.

"My father order gemstone portrait cameo it is certainly as described from his photograph, marked perfectly characteristic for this reason looking upon him daily, i love the way executed real relief beautifully details carved gives a taste of pleasure my eyes looking at him particularly small details".  Théodore, Paris France.

"Litinvs is truly a master carver of portrait cameos comparable to the Renaissance carvers of old. The attention to detail and high quality relief are magnificent.  The Litinvs invention ESI eyesight improvement method amplifies the beauty of the gemstone and will certainly improve the experience of the observer including eyesight. I have purchased many gemstones from Litinvs and I look forward to obtaining many more with the ESI invention".  Mark, Atlanta, United States of America.

"I think that your cameos are amazing!   I think that your passion and devotion to the High standards of cameo making is amazing and inspiring! I agree that the eyesight improvement cameos increases the quality of life. You take more time to do things, and therefore you are more thoughtful about what you are doing. I can't thank you enough for making my portrait cameo. It is incredibly"!   Adelaide, United States of America.