Extract From The Archives

Information Held By Litinvs.

An "Extract from our Archives" states the meticulously kept, up-to-date information registered in the Litinvs Archives since 1745. It can be ordered for any Litinvs engraved gemstone jewel older than one year. This service costs 20-50EUR, or the equivalent amount in your local currency.

Our archives make it possible to identify any Litinvs jewel. The recorded descriptions allow us to make comparisons with the photos that you provide or that we may have been filed in our database.

An Extract from the Archives can only be issued if all the details you provide correspond with the information we have on file (see registered form). If the photos do not match the description in our archive journals, this means that the jewel does not confirm with our records. In such cases, we cannot issue an Extract from the Archives, If it cannot be issued, no charges will be levied (the amount of 50EUR is not debited).
Please complete the Document form indicating your jewel details (gemstone, case, reference mandatory).

This document accurately reflects the information held in the Litinvs Archives type of jewel, inventions, reference number, case & gilt type, style, type of gemstone, date of manufacture, date of sale, chain type, additional information if any; it cannot be considered as a proof of authenticity, nor as a guarantee.

This cross is one of the fundamental criteria of the Litinvs Seal.

Seal & Cross

The "Extract from our Archives" will be sent within 3-5 working days from the receipt of your payment. To optimize the time process of your orders, the Extract from the Archives service is only available by e-mail (PDF doc).

Litinvs does not disclose information such as the name of the first owner, the names of buyers, sales prices, either cannot provide current resale value information of this kind.

We recommend that you contact an auction house or a dealer specialized in selling and buying high jewellery portrait engraved gemstones.

Stolen Pieces

Missing Portrait engraved Jewels.

The Extracts Service also deals with theft notifications. Please send us a copy of the police report that you received after having reported the theft of your portrait jewel. This document is mandatory and must contain the solid case numbers of your portrait jewel at reverse. We also need a copy of the Certificate of Origin and/or a sales receipt that mentions your name. We thank you for your understanding and stay at your disposal through the email address info@litinvs.com

Litinvs keeps a list of missing portraits as a service to its customers. The information is submitted to Litinvs by third parties, and is not inspected by Litinvs. Although this list is expansive, it is not a full and complete list of all items for which are unaccounted.

Therefore, Litinvs makes no assurances as to the title or salability of any portrait jewel not recorded on this list. Litinvs does not take a position as to the proprietary rights of the portrait cameo recorded in this list.

Litinvs advises customers who have purchased or are contemplating the purchase of a portrait engraved jewel recorded in this list, to undertake their own investigations in order to ascertain whether or not the seller has or can deliver authentic title ownership.

Reference Portrait / Inscriptions or Case number / Date

Napoleon Bonaparte I Agate crystal & Grey / Signed TSOUTIS ΕΠΟΙΕΙ / 2012

Princess Connaught of Denmark Agate Citrine Gemstone / Signed TSOUTIS ΕΠΟΙΕΙ / 2010

Alexander Great Sardonyx gemstone red & white / Signed TSOUTIS ΕΠΟΙΕΙ / 2009