The Allegory of Patience

Lady Wait Patiently Through God Faith..

According to the Scriptures women have found patience through Bible. The image will represent a young lady looking up for spirit quideness. Allegory patience God privilege through the knowledge of the Holy Bible.

Stunning masterpiece from detailed works of extraordinary Biblical vision, God wisdon.

High Cameo light blue/white
High Cameo

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7.5 Mohs HARDNESS - CARAT 127ct - SIZE 36mm - WEIGHT 31g


The High cameo A-Class workmanship agate semi transparent white symbolize stability & pureness several signs to allegory of patience. Her costume & coifure recalls classic.

At litinvs "guarantie" top durability metal soldering as in ancient times used alcohol fire by bronze burner, the method does not prevent oxidation metal surface jewellery last for thousand years, soldered not brakes as is in British Museum (ancient civilization jewellery).  Soldering process

Metal gilt with two enclosed gilts, interior white gold, and exterior silver 925 fineness, A-Class workmanship included an exclusive silver engraving work outer mount at reverse with acanthus decoration, high cameo with following inventions:

Polishing process

Note on Pricing: Because of their beauty and rarity, fancy coloured high cameos command a great deal of attention with invention eyesight improvement and amazing sums at sales. In recent years, high cameos jewels have set sales records across the globe for price per carat. Litinvs gemstone is special selected from mines and gemological inspected by the Institute of Precious Gemstones. Prices given are the starting price for silver 925 fineness. Shipping 3 dayUPS worldwide. Our in-store Brand Ambassadors would be delighted to assist you in any questions.

Gemstone Jewel Process

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