Frequently Asked Questions

Few Important Issues For Everyone.


Why A Litinvs Portrait Engraved Gemstone Is Important?

Litinvs portrait gemstones jewels improves your mood boost see here, also improves the eyesight see here.

Can My Cameo Be Engraved?

Yes, we are happy to engrave portrait engraved gemstones with your name or any message of your choice, Marriage, Birth of Child, Professional Success, Memorial or any. Except gemstone engraved surface, Litinvs is able to engrave your favorite wish at the reverse engraved case with several ornamental decoration as acanthus leafs or any addittional thought, see details here.

Where is a Portrait Engraved Gemstone Made?

We only have undertaken extensive global searches of mines & hunters to ensure only the finest gemstones are selected. Our portrait cameos are created from the beggining up to finis in our workshop as a result of the superior skill by Litinvs for the cutting process from your photo precision First class workmanship.

Why Are High Cameos More Expensive?

It is said that there is only one coloured engraved gemstone portrait for every ten-thousand cameos. Described in the spectrum of light to vivid, coloured cameos are created by the chemistry and forces of nature that are highly infrequent. The ultimate celebration of uniqueness each characterful colour is intensely individual, expressive and engaging which improves the eyesight. About Litinvs invention please visit the Eyesight Improvement  page for details.

How is a Portrait Cameo Made?

All natural gemstones are between 1-3 billion years old. They are formed at high temperatures and at high pressures at depths of between 80-120 miles, in the mantle of the earth. Litinvs used to cut rough geode specimens himself, the cutting process is done by your photo precision continously by antique method and hand tools at Litinvs workshop since 1839.  Please visit the Workmanship page for details.


Do i Need an Appointment to Visit Litinvs?

Not at all, please feel free to come and see how a portrait cameo is created by photo our workshop address. However we recommend requesting a time with our Ambassador to ensure we are able to provide you  perfectly met at your place. Our online tool lets you request your preferred time and date with your most convenient place to visit here.


Does Every Cameo With a Gia Certificate?

All cameos above 50carats monochrome or coloured gemstones below this weight are accompanied by a GIA certificate. From 2018 onwards all Litinvs cameos, above 0.20carat, are provided with a DB Grading Report. All Litinvs Cameos Jewellers purchases are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Do You Protect My Privacy?

We do never share your privacy or any confidential information including your e-mail address, phone number for any reason. Orders for famous people includes an enhanced degree of confidentiality Litinvs sign special agreements. Your photos will only be used to create the portrait cameo jewellery nothing else. Printed photos will be returned to you and we will never show your finished portrait cameo in our gallery we sign that your custom Jewel is not shown.

What Are Your Delivery Charges?

All high cameos orders made on will be delivered to you free of charge.


What Packaging Will My Portrait Cameo Arrive In?

Your Litinvs portrait cameo will arrive in our luxurious signature leather gift box with interior silk and photo yourself. Our deliveries are sent securely with UPS high standards service fully insured your sign required.


How Can i Contact Litinvs?

Our workshop can be contacted directly by phone or email. Please visit the Contact page for details.


What is The Litinvs After Sale Service?

Litinvs offers you the opportunity to have your portrait cameo jewellery professionally cleaned once a year. This is a complimentary process that we are delighted to offer as part of our After Sales Service, which also includes a professional polish on request and an advised annual check of the cameo. Please visit the Service page for details.


How Should i Clean My Portrait Engraved Gemstone Jewellery?

For ultimate radiance a cameo must be clean. To remove grease from your portrait cameo surface, we recommend gently & simply to use skin cleansing facial wipes dry immediatly, containing a perfect blend of goodness and gentle cleansers that removes dirty 100% from the gem surface. Polish metal surface by using the Litinvs Polishing Cloth for a sparkling finish.