Races of Obsidian

On the new frontier all are welcome, be they human or elf, orc or goblin. Even kingdoms at war can find sanctuary in this neutral town, where the only law is that enforced by the merchants and their army. The more common races to be found in the new world are as follows:
Humans are the second most common race to be found in Obsidian, with the same variations that can be found over the Impossible Sea.
Dwarves are a strange race, more at home at their forges or under the ground, than mixing with other folk. They keep mostly to themselves, establishing their own sub-town on the edge of the port. There they make things, send out parties to explore the ruins, and are believed to be readying an expedition to the distant mountains to see what's there.
Elves are more of a rarity, being more at home in their forests and valleys than the decadent port. Still, their numbers have been growing gradually as more of the ruins are explored. There are some that say the elves are looking for something, but if this is so, they're not telling anyone.
Halflings are dominant in the new world, chiefly because their old homeland is no longer their own. It was invaded by the armies of the hobgoblin warlord- a little over ten years ago- and the halfling race all but exiled. The majority of halflings found in Obsidian are immigrants, looking for a new home, struggling to survive, doing whatever it takes to get by.
Gnomes are fairly common, being drawn to the shady deals and secret organisations that seem to be making the port their home. These shifty people find Port Obsidian an ideal location for their vices.
Orcs, goblins, and their kin can also be found in Obsidian in various ghettos. They are primarily the foot soldiers of the merchants' army, although they seldom lead such troops. There are a few hobgoblins too; well, more than a few actually, more like a small invasion; they have nothing to do with the merchants or their army, but keep a fort close to the port where they drill and patrol, occasionally hiring themselves out as mercenaries or bodyguards. They too have an interest in the ruins, but are also keeping quiet about it.
There are other races too, fewer in number, and a smattering of more unusual creatures that have made Obsidian their home.