The 7th Annual Portland Firefighter
   Stairclimb Challenge
    September 27th 2015!

Climb is for Firefighters only


Matching Monday!
Congratulations to Justin Peery, Daniel Watson, Heath Schaad, Gary Queener, Aaron Cross, Stewart White, Chris Miller, Christopher Kruebbe, Andrew Kluever, Brad Mohn, Tony Sisson, Brian Taggart, Matt Conner, John Dorsey, Brandon Franck, Michael Kazikiewicz, Robb Milano, Nathan Ross, Duston Yacapin, Josh De Boer, Dustin Alam, Tyson Botts, Stanley Grove, Tracy Harris, Jake Bringman, Matthew Bringman, James Dicerson, Joshua Evans, Brent Cavanias, Marc Ham, Patrick McMahon, Christine Pezzulo, Darrin Jacobs, Thomas Laxton,Robert Pilkington, Greg Rehn, Matt Brozovich, Josh Lawson, Derek Richert, Ty Hodge, Mike Berry, Michael Gordon, Stefan Myers and Charles David Marsh! You raised $250 from September 13th to September 27th, so you'll be getting a matching $250 to your fundraising!

Attention all climbers! 
Also this year we will be having a drawing for a second $2,500 trip voucher and $500 cash prize. For every $100 you fund raise from June 2nd until September 27th (the day of the stairclimb) your name will be entered for a chance to win the $2,500 trip voucher and $500 cash prize. The top fundraiser is not eligible for the second trip.

Note: In accordance with IRS regulations, winner must
provide completed Form W-9 before receiving prize.

2015 Fundraising Goal
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