The 8th Annual Portland Firefighter
   Stairclimb Challenge
    September 25th 2016!

Matching Monday!

This weeks Matching Monday:
The first 25 registered climbers that raise a minimum
of $250 between April 11th to May 1st will receive $250 in matching funds!

(A donor will match $250 for each of the first 25 registered climbers to raise a minimum of $250. Up to a total of $6,250 for the 2016 Portland Firefighter Stairclimb Challenge from 4/11/2016 to 5/1/2016. Donations received in excess of the matching goal will support the mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.)

Climb is for Firefighters only

Registration opens Monday, April 4th
Save $15 by registering before or on April 11th!

Registration before or on April 11th: $35
Registration after April 11th: $50

Congratulations to the first 50 climbs that registered!
You will receive a Z-REX tool from Leatherman.

Justin Peery, Derek Gilbert, Miguel Bautista, Jason Zollner, Brad Mohn, Devin Pashby, Zachary Havelind, Robert Pilkinton, Jonathan Anderson, Michael  Gordon, Joseph  Schroeder, Nicholas Krom, Julio Gonzalez Burback, Jerry Shiffer, Eric  Pedersen, Jamie Wakefield, Scott Thorsteinson, Michael Kazikiewicz, Brent Cavanias, Jason Isenstein, Jasper  Stenstrom, Rhonda Volk, Chris Aronson, Matt Conner, Timothy  Wakefield, Vashina Donnell, Phil Burks, Matt Stevens, Mike  Berry, James Wakefield, Ryan Lowery, Colt O'Brien, Daniel  Wakefield, Brian Taggart, Ray Dandeneau, Tony Sisson, Adam  Corley, Kaiti Wilson, Amber Butler, Benjamin Decker, Jim  Simpson, Heidi Straub, Hector Blanco, Mark  McCarthy, David  Cooper, Thomas Laxton, Jin Voeks, Zack Kiene, Marc Ham and Beth Tint.

8th Annual Portland Firefighter Stairclimb:
Climb for the Cure
Who: all paid and volunteer firefighters
What: a race to the 40th floor in full combat gear
When: Sunday, September 25th
Where: US Bancorp Tower, Downtown Portland