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    At Portland Sprinkler Repair we provide the greater Portland area customers with an expert sprinkler installation by taking the time that is necessary to customize each job to perfectly fit our client's needs. We specialize on a more personalized approach to installing your sprinkler system, and no matter what shape, size, or condition of the lawn, we can and will design and install a commercial-grade irrigation system that we guarantee to meet you and or your family's needs.
    In the majority of sprinkler system malfunctions the problem simply requires replacing a damaged sprinkler head or fixing a broked valve, but sometimes the problem lies in the system's wiring or the controller. No matter where your irrigation problem is, or its' complexity, Portland Sprinkler Repair will take care of it. We have done everything from the most complex of commercial sprinkler systems to the most simple residential valve replacements and can surely help you with all your needs.
    The best way tp ensure that your lawn is as beautiful as
possible is to make sure that it recieves proper and adequate watering from a well-planned, properly functioning sprinkler system. Our highly trained and experienced irrigation technicians can surely provide you with and install such sprinkler systems. You can also expect to speak and deal with the most professional and courteous employees when choosing us to help with your irrigation needs. So experience quality contractors and give us, Portland Sprinkler Repair, a call today.