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Our recent activites in the Jain Society of Oregon and SW Washington

Mahavir Janam

posted Aug 24, 2014, 8:45 AM by Aditya Jain

Be sure to tune in to our Mahavir Janam celebration on August 24th starting at 2pm.

Holy Cow Day 2014! Local Jiv Deya

posted Aug 24, 2014, 8:45 AM by Aditya Jain

Jai Jinendra,

We are pleased to announce that the JSOSW is sponsoring a new, annual, community service project coined "Holy Cow Day"! This event is being planned, organized, and executed by our Youth Jain Leaders Program. The event involves raising awareness on cow cruelty in the dairy and beef industry with the goal of saving cow lives.
Due to limited resources in our YJL department, YJL believes that an effective way for them to make a difference is by convincing people to not consume products of cow cruelty, even for just a day. Their movement is pledge based where 1 pledge means that you pledge to give up dairy products for a day.
As YJL Member Aditya Jain is a Boy Scout working toward Eagle, he has coordinated our effort with the Boy Scouts of America through his Eagle Project - allowing us to have a bigger impact on the overall community.

For more information on this project and to pledge, be sure to visit:

Or email our YJLs in charge at:

Mahavir Jayanti Celebration April 13, 2014

posted Feb 17, 2014, 4:48 PM by Sandeep Jain

Please stay tuned for Mahavir Jayanti Celebration that our society members are planning to organize.

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