Welcome to the Jain Society of Oregon & SW Washington!
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We are the Jain Society located in Portland, Oregon. Our Jain Samaj has ~100 families living in Portland, Vancouver, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Salem and many neighboring cities.

We invite you to look around and get a feel for our society. Feel free to share any comments or questions that might be on your mind through our online contact form. If you're not currently a member of our society - we'd like to take this opportunity to invite you to one of our events. And of course, feel free to reach out and call one of our committee members.

We are often abbreviated as JSOSW, standing for Jain Society of Oregon and SW Washington. JSOSW is IRS recognized as a 501(c)(3) Non profit cultural education organization. The objectives of the Society are to:

* Practice and Promote cultural heritage of India.

* Establish a platform for worship, discussion and teachings of Jain rituals, ideals, and principles. 

* Celebrate Jain events and festivals.

* Engage in appropriate community affairs

* Provide cultural and intellectual interchanges among society

* Create new programs for Youth and Full Society to promote basic Jain principles

Address: PO Box 219274, Portland, OR 97225-9274

सम्यग्दर्शन ज्ञान चारित्राणि मोक्षमार्गः

Samyag darshana, gyana, charitrani mokshamargah

Right faith, right knowledge, and right conduct together consti-tute the path to liberation.