2010 infrastructure priorities

Results of October 2010 weighted votes:

 ProjectNumber of Votes    
 PARKSIDE/USM: Reconfigure Exit 6 at Forest Ave to improve access between Deering Oaks, USM, and Hannaford     9 Stalled
CITYWIDE: Bike Boulevard Pilot Project (specific route to be determined): focus several traffic calming elements and new street connections to connect one or more disconnected neighborhoods with a convenient, low-traffic route for cycling and walking. 
 9 Completed 2011: Deering Center Neighborhood Byway
 BAYSIDE: Road diet for Preble and Elm Streets, eliminate sidewalk "pinch point" behind EMS, improve x-walks across Preble and Elm to new Bayside Trail 9 In planning in 2014 
 CITYWIDE: add "bikes may use full lane" signs on major arterials/bike routes 7 Installed on Outer Congress and Veranda Streets.
 CITYWIDE: better bike activation at traffic signals 4 Will be an ongoing consideration at Dept. of Public Services
 LIBBYTOWN: traffic calming/better sidewalks/better crosswalks on Frederick/Marston Streets, to connect PTC area to Congress and Park Ave 3
 Planned and partially funded w/ additional improvements planned in the Connecting Libbytown report.
 DOWNTOWN: Revive old Middle St for peds, through Lobsterman Park, remove Spring St. Jersey barriers, new crosswalk across Temple St. 2 Element of Spring St. road diet plan, some elements of which are funded for 2014
 EAST BAYSIDE: traffic calming and safer crossings at Fox and Anderson St., near Kennedy Park and mosque 2 funded and scheduled for construction 2013
 EAST END: Washington Avenue traffic calming, safer x-walks, lower speeds, new traffic signals 1 
 BAYSIDE: Traffic calming and road diets at Forest/Park/Portland intersection (near central Post Office): a busy bus stop and pedestrian crossing, and the streets are far too wide 1 
 BAYSIDE: Reconnect Oxford St across Franklin St, with traffic signal 1 Part of Franklin study
 CASCO BAY BRIDGE: fix the merging conflict at Beach St. onramp; cars must yield to bikes 1 
 CITYWIDE: more sidewalk plows and improved winter maintenance 1