Subcommittees and bylaws


Bicycle Parking Subcommittee:     Damon Yakovleff, Kurt Steiner, Zack Barowitz, Bryan Hill

Open Streets Subcommittee:     Jennifer Claster, Zack Barowitz, Kurt Steiner

Complete Streets Engineering Subcommittee:     John Brooking, Jennifer Claster, Jonathan Owens, Kurt Steiner, John Mahoney, Clifford Tremblay, Damon Yakovleff, Alex Landry

Bike/Ped Committee representatives to other City committees:

Alex Landry — Crosswalk Committee
Corey Templeton — Spring Street Redesign
Jennifer Claster — EPA Bikeshare study
Clifford Tremblay, Ian Jacobs — Friends of Congress Square
Christian MilNeil, Jaime Parker, Alex Landry — Franklin Street Redesign Phase 2
Christian MilNeil, Zack Barowitz — Libbytown Streetscape and Circulation Study
Bobbi Keppel, Jen Claster — India Street Neighborhood Study

Files, plans, and other documents are listed below by date.

Christian MilNeil,
Jul 22, 2013, 10:32 AM