2013.06 June minutes

Portland Bike/Ped Advisory Committee Meeting Portland City Hall - Room 209 Monday, June 10, 2013 Agenda 5:30 PM: Welcome and Introductions

5:40 PM: Brief Updates

Legislative Update

3-5 Miles BMUFL and sharrows installed by City in July
Durable plastic instead of paint
Contract based on 5 year performance
TBD where
Committee Remarks: Since the new markings will last so much longer, we need to ensure they are properly placed. For example, sharrows properly placed in the travel lanes and not in the door zone.

St. John improvements breaking ground

Washington Ave. shared use path being installed
10’ shared path from Washington / EPROM to Back Cove Trail
Pedestrian refuge island and pedestrian-activated flashers at Wash/EPROM
Washington Avenue to Anderson and Plowman Streets to include a 10’ wide shared-use pathway

$300k for implementation of neighborhood byway at transportation center

$250k for Anderson St. neighborhood byway
Implementation timeline TBD

5:50 PM Other Updates

Bicycle Parking Subcommittee (Damon)
Kurt working with Concord Coach
From Bruce Hyman:

2010 inventory conducted on bike parking (Where used / needed): Needs Updating

Great application for crowdsourcing to create maps and update inventory

BH can provide baseline data from 2010 + new installations (off peninsula) since then

Timely, because PACTS getting money together for bike racks (However, is a long shot, may not happen – some kind of cost sharing, no details yet)

Also, bike benefit program may offer opportunity for discounts on bike racks
Possible installation of bike corals

Need help determining locations

Commercial street likely – 10-12 bikes in street

Committee also likes the idea of Reny’s as another location
How we can help

Update usage survey

Update inventory

Putting maps online

Grant identification and endorsements

EPA Bike Sharing Workshop
Processes going forward

Consultant gave draft report to city this week for comment

Incorporating changes, final report released in two weeks

TSE Com. Meeting discussing in one week

Possible PBPAC draft resolution of support for July?

Libbytown Study Update
Study group “preferred alternative”

Gets rid of 4 onramps keeps 1

Park and Congress both 2-way

Working to get shared use path on remaining onramp or else along Park st.

Park and congress to two way streets

Meeting 6/10 (tonight), stay tuned

Spring St-Free St Concept Plan (Corey?) This topic tabled for future meeting

Franklin Street Study (?)
Franklin Street Redesign Meeting on May 29th Report? Nobody at the PBPAC meeting had attended the 5.29 meeting, should be discussed next time

Complete Streets Update (?)
6 meetings, starting last week June or first week July
Goal: Draft manual by October, then feedback by TSE committee
Release manual by end of the year
Meeting by end of the month

Will be organized by Jennifer

6:10 PM: Resolutions

Cyclovia Letter of Support Discussion (Damon / Jamie) Will be posted to listserve with changes discussed at PBPAC meeting on 6/11 for additional comments and endorsement

FFAW Resolution (From Jennifer) Will be posted to listserve on 6/11 for comments and endorsement

Congress Square Update?
May 29th, the HCDC voted to allow the city to go into negotiation with Rockbridge to sell a portion of Congress Square Park to build an event center. This will happen in executive meeting (aka behind closed doors) and once the negotiated price is set, it will go to City Council to vote whether to approve it or not.
July 6th at 1:00PM there will be a "Dance Party to Save Congress Square Park”
Committee comments: John Schreiber is working on a draft resolution to be posted to the listserve this week. Essentially, the sentiment is that “The committee recommends a Citizen-led design process that maximizes the utility of the park as a pedestrian oriented space”, or something to that effect. The issue of preserving the Eastland’s easement on the park was also discussed. 6:30 PM: Upcoming Projects (Damon)

Public Process in Portland for Bike Lane Expansion
Alta facilitating process
Public process likely this winter

Portland trails is doing neighborhood based strategic planning for vision map
PBPAC may be called on to suggest improvements to neighborhood connectivity
Stay tuned