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Welcome to Ms September - Helen Tunnicliff

posted 4 Sep 2012, 11:21 by Steve Reid

Status:  Married
Your age :33
Children : Chloe 2 yrs
Running History: Ran for Burton Althletics when at school missed a few years then started again with fellow student nurse friend after entering the Robin Hood Half Marathon in 2003.

Race: Marathon got to be London.
Top tip: Run to eat/drink
Music: No particular favourite but not opera whats all that about!
Film : Dirty Dancing
Book : Mr Men with Chloe especially Mr Tickle and sorry guys Fifty shades currently reading book 2.

Biggest achievement: Difficult to say Chloe my best little friend, and becoming a children's nurse and my first London Marathon.
What gets me out of bed in the morning: Sorry to sound repetitive but my daughter!
Who would I invite round dinner: Ant & Dec
Something you don't know about me : before moving to Bristol in 2005 I had been dancing ( Ballroom, Latin & Rock n Roll) since the age of 4yrs.

Ladies - Mr August Robbie! (Aka Michael Robbins)

posted 31 Jul 2012, 15:49 by Steve Reid

Age 51 Vet Male (Mental age 18) 

Running Age -
 I've been Running since 1978 on and off 
FavouritesDartmoor Ultra, Off road challenges 
Race Distance 32Miles 

Top tips to pass on to others – Run because you want to and because you enjoy it 
Favourite food – A good hot curry
Post race 
– A good hot curry, with a few cheeky beers (just to help with rehydration)
Music  Dixie Chicks, Queen ,Plan B and many more 
Film – Anything that makes me laugh, or a good thriller 
Book  Long way Down, Ewan McGregor (inspired me to get a bike again) Have been to Spain twice and enjoyed some amazing riding. 

Biggest achievement 
The Atlantic coastal challenge. Had previously only run1 marathon. That weekend I ran another 3 on consecutive days. It shows that this running lark is not only about running it is about state of mind, and if you want to you can achieve anything. 

If I run I can enjoy good food and wine and not worry about it

Dinner Guests 
– Martin Johnson (England rugby world cup winning Capt), Valentino Rossi, Ewan McGregor.

Ms July - Charlie Hurcum

posted 10 Jul 2012, 12:14 by Steve Reid

t's Portishead's very own PB machine this month. Over to you Charlie

Right here goes .....

Age - 33 years old senior female
Status - Long term relationship with martin Runnpike founding member of the PLC (Portishead Loafers Club)! 
Running Age - I've been Running since 2005

Race - Fav race 2006 frenchay 10k as it was my first ever race with Helen Tunnicliff, it was also the hardest 10k as none I have ran since have been as difficult! 
Distance - 10k 
Training run - Club efforts as can't make myself motivated to do it on my own 
Top tips to pass on to others - Always try to beat your own goals. Run because you enjoy it, take a rest if it becomes a chore 
Favourite food - pre race peanut butter and chopped banana on brown toast
Post race - big roast dinner and crumble with custard for afters
Music - The Feeling, Roxette and Bryan Adams
Film - mama mia and dirty dancing
Book - all the novels by lesley pearse 

Biggest acheivement - the London marathon in 2009 fav quote when training that kept me going was ' there will be days when you don't know whether you can run a marathon, but there will be a lifetime knowing that you have ' not sure who it was by, was in my training mags, now have it stuck to my fridge ! 

Motivation - I am motivated by wanting to always be as fit as possible enabling me to enjoy life fully.
Angst - I keep awake if I exercise too close to bed time but otherwise I sleep like a log
Dinner Guests - Would love to have dinner with Florence Nightingale. 

Secret - What some people don't know - I'm doing the Inca trail this sept with a friend. I fancied doing a non running challenge for a change and we are raising money for worthy charity, which cares for families and children I work with. The charity is Childrens Hospice South West and if anyone would like to sponsor me the link is http://www.chsw.org.uk/charlieandcarriesincatrek

Stephen Reid Mr June!

posted 31 May 2012, 11:16 by Steve Reid   [ updated 31 May 2012, 11:22 ]

Photo - Me and Sue after completing my leg of the Coastal Relay in 2010 (she didn't run).

Look I'm not hogging the publicity or abusing my position. I just didn't think anyone would want to follow on from Karen's fabulous entry last month! Honest!

Name: Stephen Reid
Status: Happy – with Sue 10 years
Category: Vet Male! Maturing very nicely thank you!
History: Running for 36 years!

Favourites : 
Race : Not a race really but the Coasters in 2010. With no support we ran around the entire coast of the mainland of England, Wales and Scotland. In a relay with Barry the Baton. 4448 miles from May to Oct. I ran 54 miles; Croyde – Illfracombe, Barnstable – Highbridge and Portishead to the middle of the old Severn Bridge. I set the targets soft so there was a perfect balance of purpose in the race but no pressure on the run, it was real adventure with time to enjoy the view – brilliant!
Distance: 1 Yard of ale.
Training run: From work (Harbourside, Bristol) Along the Portway, up Bridge Valley Road, Across the Clifton Suspension Bridge and over into a loop of Ashton Court Estate, finishing along harbourside.

Top tips to pass on to others: Running -Take your recovery at least as seriously as your training.

Life (Learnt while suffering from Stress – try and do a random act of kindness for someone every day – you’ll feel tremendous!

Food: Toad in the hole – food of champions

Music: Boy bands and Pop tarts – current faves, Approaching Danger (my son’s band), Adele, Pixie and Jessie
Film: Silent Running, Return of the King and A Knights Tale
Book: RSPB book of British Birds – no not Adele, Pixie and Jessie again!  ,

Biggest Achievement: 27:24 5 miler in 1986

Motivation - What gets you out of bed in the morning: Sue, if I don’t make the first cup of tea. 
Angst: what keeps you awake at night: Selfishness and or impoliteness.
Who would you invite to dinner : 

Shane Williams, Simon King, Jess Ennis, Tom Daley, Mark Cavendish, Sheldon (big bang theory), Charlize Theron…oops and probably Sue, someone’s got to cook after all J

Something we don’t know about you:

I met Sue in 2003 the day after the London Marathon (3:18, since you ask) which is why I put so much effort into getting a qualifying time for our 10th anniversary at London 2013 L.

Karen Thompson - Ms May!

posted 30 Apr 2012, 12:36 by Steve Reid   [ updated 31 May 2012, 11:12 ]

Thanks to Karen, our Social Secretary, for becoming the first Portishead "Member of the Month". The Photo was taken at last years Cotswold Way Relay.

Name: Karen Thompson
Status: Married
Category: Vet Female - SOB!
History: Running for 26 years!
Favourites : 
Race : Corrieyairack challenge- 17 mile hill run followed by a 40 mile ride in the Cairngorms- gorgeous!
Distance: Probably half marathon
Training run: Down sheepway- round priory woods, across the fields- home (especially this time of yr when the bluebells are out)
Top tips to pass on to others: Take of your watch/garmin/heart rate monitor and just run for running sakes! You'll be amazed how refreshing it is......
Food: Spaghetti Bolognese
Music: Everything musicals/Take That/Muse/Adele/Cold Play- very radio 2!
Film: West Side Story
Book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak   ,

Biggest Achievement: Half iron man, came third in the SW middle trialthlon champs
Motivation - What gets you out of bed in the morning: My cat waking me up to be fed! 
Angst: what keeps you awake at night: My cat snoring- often louder than my husband!
Who would you invite to dinner : Chrissy Wellington, Lance Armstrong (were you really a drug cheat?), Brad Pitt, David Attenburgh, Gordon Buchanan, Hilary Clinton
Something we don’t know about you:   I haven't been down at the club recently as I'm pregnant! 
Brilliant! I'm sure everyone will join me in congratulating Karen, on this fabulous news! Already feeling sorry for next months Member of the month top that!

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