There is lots of information on the Internet providing tips for beginners. We have sampled a few of them and will add information to this over time. Portishead Running Club welcome beginners, no matter how much running you have done, or want to do, we are happy to see you! Have a read, and take the plunge to come and see us. 

  • Build up training steadily and add variety to your training (eg. hill running, weight training, swimming etc).
  • Give your body time to adapt to new training loads. Listen to your body. Pushing too hard too soon can lead to injury.
  • Find a natural starting point by recording your morning pulse rate. Sudden rises in your rate are signs that you are putting your body under too much stress.
  • Settle into a good stretching routine and stick to it. Only stretch after your run when muscles are warmed up.
  • Take a break from training if you have an infection or illness - don't be suprised if you find you can't start back at the same level on your first day back after illness.
  • Break up your training and offer yourself more than constant running - don't let your training programme become stale.
  • Never run through injuries - it only makes them worse and slows down the natural healing process. If you suffer from repeated minor injuries see a doctor or sports injury specialist. Your running style may be adding to your problems.
  • Remember - it's not the end of the world if you don't run well during race day. Get the most out of each race you do - learn from the experience and come back in even better shape next time.
  • Make sure you get yourself a pair of well fitting trainers that suit your running style.
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