*************CONTACT ME BY EMAIL PLEASE************

Initial contact with me is ALWAYS through email, no exceptions!  Due to some abuse by naughty boys, and because my number is being used/abused on someone else's ads, where it does NOT belong, I've had to take the number off the website.  

 ** (Those interested in other BDSM activities above and beyond spanking, please visit my other website and fill out the more expansive application available there.  www.TheMistressOfKink.com )

To Get Started................................................

1. You need to answer the questions on the spankee application that can be located under the "enroll.." tab.  I only need your answers, so don't try to bypass this process by saying you can't copy and paste.  I don't need the form itself, so if you are truly unable to copy and paste, it's okay.  I know what the form says.  I wrote it.  What I need is your answers.  Those who argue and try to skate by this process will simply NOT be considered for a session.  I will not tolerate bottoms who attempt to negotiate my intake process or my spanking studio/dungeon rules.  

2.  Send those answers to me, by email, at:  portiaspankskc@portiaspankskc.com.  
I will review your information to ensure we are on the same page with our interests and expectations.  Then I will email you back with any further questions and/or to set up an appointment time.  Please allow up to 72 hours for this process and plan ahead accordingly.  Please answer ALL the questions.  I ask each one for a reason.  

Note, I take safety, discretion and confidentiality VERY SERIOUSLY (both yours and mine).  

Ms Portia J Spanks