Client Reviews

Reviews written by Portia's Clients:


"She is skilled, patient, liked to chat and beautiful. I will definitely go back and she told me that she does run specials! I can't wait." -Momma's Boy


"..above average neat and clean dressed in a leopard mini dress. hair up. She is petite but strong and was able to handle my 300lbs OTK with no problem" - Anonymus


"..nice assortment of things to use on you......cute, attractive redhead, great body, dresses sexy as hell" - kdnnxxxx


"Portia spanks hard!" - Tigerhunter2

"You were very thorough and my thighs are a testament to that. Someone did get it and that someone was me.  There is a difference in simply getting spanked compared to placing oneself in capable hands. I felt totally at ease with Ms. Portia. She didn’t just blister my backside, rather she took the time to get to know me and for that I’m grateful. Thank you!" - Steve (posted on


"I am always amazed by the creativity Ms. Portia has with her spanking skills and ability to get in my headspace. After a very thorough spanking session, she ended it with a lexan paddle. I thought I was getting seven swats spaced out evenly and methodically, but NOOOOO! She gave me several sets of seven, all rapid fire. Seven rapid burning swats, switch sides and seven more , switch sides again and seven more. Really can’t remember how many times she switched sides (I am guessing 6 or 7), I was too busy coping with the unbelievable escalating FIRE she was intent to create on my bare butt. Then before I left she applied capsazin to my cheeks. Omg, I thought I was on fire before, but now the heat keeps coming in waves. Thank you Ms. Portia, but that capsazin was an evil parting gift that keeps on giving, giving more fire that is and it won’t go away." - Steve (posted on


Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of having had three sessions with Ms. Portia, two spanking sessions and one DOMassage. It took me a few weeks to gain the confidence to send my application but I’m glad I did.

Ms. Portia took the time with my application to gain an understanding of what I was hoping for in our session, and Ms. Portia has given me a wonderful session every time. If you’re reading Ms. Portia’s website and on the fence about whether to complete an application, I recommend doing so.

Ms. Portia sure spanks hard, and that is no lie. Ms. Portia is very good at incorporating role play into sessions. One aspect I enjoy of our sessions I enjoy is Ms. Portia’s dry sense of humor, which is a lot of fun. In our recent DOMassage appointment, Ms. Portia had me experiencing multiple, conflicting sensations at once. Despite anticipating something, I never knew what exact feeling would be coming next. I definitely hope to have more DOMassage sessions with Ms. Portia in the future. - Submitted by KC Frank


FYI from Portia - I appreciate your positive reviews!  I believe it is helpful to future clients when seeking a top.  I do not condone, however, posting reviews of me and/or my work on any site whose main purpose is to review escorts because that is not what I do.  It also attracts an unsavory crowd, which I do not appreciate.  If any review is brought to my attention from such a site, the poster will be blacklisted immediately.  I do not review bottoms on site for "John's".  You don't review tops on sites meant for escorts.  It's that simple.