Welcome To Portia's Classroom

Welcome to Portia Spanks Disciplinary Institute. Class is now in session.  I am your teacher, Portia J. Spanks.  I am a professional disciplinarian in Kansas City, on both the Kansas and Missouri side of the state line.  You may call me Miss Portia, Mistress Portia or simply just Portia (pronounced poor-shuh).  I specialize in domestic style discipline (spanking) specifically for the spanking purist.  I have my own private spanking studio in Kansas City, and I do some traveling for spanking as well.  Many spankos need reassurance that the disciplinarian they choose understands the needs of a spanko verses that of a submissive seeking a dominatrix.  Rest assured, I understand very well that a bottom, in spanking terms, is not necessarily a submissive, in BDSM terms, and and vise versa.  Although spanking is indeed a form of BDSM, it is an art form all its own.     

Welcome to class boys and girls!  Shall we begin?

Miss Portia J Spanks, 

Professional Disciplinarian, Master of the Spanking Arts, Kinkologist, Kansas City's Designated Hitter, and The Mistress Of Kink

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