Welcome To Portia's Classroom

Welcome to Portia Spanks Disciplinary Institute. Class is now in session.  I am your teacher, Portia J. Spanks.  I am a professional disciplinarian in Kansas City, on both the Kansas and Missouri side of the state line.  You may call me Miss Portia, Mistress Portia or simply just Portia (pronounced poor-shuh).  I specialize in domestic style discipline specifically for the spanking purist.  I am also a professional dominatrix and have my own private dungeon, but don't let that fool you.  I am not just another dominatrix with a big stick.  I understand that a bottom is not necessarily a submissive, and a submissive is not necessarily a bottom.  Spanking is indeed a form of BDSM, but an art form all its own.  I also understand that some spankos have other fetish interests, and some do not.  This website is for those primarily interested in spanking.  Those with other or expanded fetish interests may want to visit my domination website at TheMistressOfKink.com

Welcome to class boys and girls!  Shall we begin?

Miss Portia J Spanks, 

Professional Disciplinarian, Master of the Spanking Arts, Kinkologist, Kansas City's Designated Hitter, and The Mistress Of Kink

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