As a massage therapist for over 10 years, I thought I would add some kink into my work to create something a little different and more interesting.  When you submit yourself to DOMassage© you can expect to be restrained, blindfolded and teased relentlessly with sensory play.  That can include any number of things such as sight and sound deprivation (then you'll have no idea where I am standing or what you might experience next), hot wax play, ice, light touch/tickle play, feathers, crops, nipple clamps, electro play (estim/tens unit), vibration, violet wands, or whatever I decide to do to you next!  DOMassage©, simply put, is like buffet of starter play for the BDSM novice or sensory play lover.  It can also be launching point for the BDSM curious couple that might not know where to begin.  If you are interested in DOMassage© you will need to complete my application (couples each need to complete their own applications individually - - guys please note, females generally do NOT like this sort of surprise - - everyone should know what they are involved in prior to a session).  

*******DOMassage© is NOT a full body massage with or without a "happy ending", nor is it a full body massage with kink added to it or a "sensual massage".  Do NOT mistake DOMassage© for a relaxing therapeutic massage.  Though I can do that, it will have nothing to do with DOMassage© or BDSM.  That is a distinctly separate business and is in NO WAY associated with my BDSM services.  
*******Also note, the "S" in BDSM does not stand for sex.  Don't even ask!!  

"That was total sensory overload!" ~ said one client whose identity will remain confidential