Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to spend to make a portfolio?

The Portfolio to Professoriate program is designed to take you less than 45 minutes a week for just ten weeks.

Do I have to use a particular kind of software?

You can use almost any software that allows you to make a website or a blog.  

If you choose to use GoogleSites or Wordpress, P2P staff can provide technical help to you should you need it.  But many other options exist, including Weebly, Wix, Typepad, etc.  

Pick whatever option you feel most comfortable with.  P2P staff highly recommends that you choose a an option that you can register with personally (as opposed to something you can get through your school) so that you can have unlimited, lifelong access to it even after you graduate.

Do website or blog services cost money to use?

Some do but most don't.  

What if I need technical help?

If you are using GoogleSites or Wordpress, P2P staff can offer you basic technical assistance as often as you need it.  Send an email to wendebmg [at] gmail [dot] com and Wende Garrison will be happy to help you.

Why should I make a portfolio?

Having a professional portfolio allows you to do three important things that you can't accomplish with a paper resume/CV or with social media.

I don't want to have a career in academe, should I still make a portfolio?

Definitely!  People from almost every career path should have a digital portfolio.  Representing yourself and your career accomplishments online is a must for today's professionals.  A digital portfolio is a perfect way to do that and provides at least three distinct advantages over social media options, which you should also use.