Portfolio to Professoriate is a ten-week curriculum (plus 2 review weeks) that enables anyone to make a professional portfolio suitable for a career in academe.  The curriculum is designed to take less than an hour a week to complete (though writing time is always unpredictable and may take longer).  Each week of the curriculum provides pre-reading, examples, and directions.  
  • One--URL & Home Page
  • Two--Tracking Your Accomplishments
  • Three--Using Landing Pages to Build Architecture
  • Four--Writing Your Research Page
  • Five--Writing Your Teaching Page
  • Six--Review and Feedback
  • Seven--Writing Your Service Page
  • Eight--Writing Your Lifelong Learning Page
  • Nine--Review and Feedback
  • Ten--Creating Home and About Pages
  • Eleven--Writing a Meta-Narrative
  • Twelve--Review and Feedback
If you have any questions, send an email to us at P2P and we'll try to help.